Votronic 3183 Mobilpower inverter SMI 1700 ST with Schuko socket

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The Votronic Mobilpower SMI 1700 SINUS ST Inverter 12 V DC / 230 V AC is used for use in special vehicles, high -quality motorhomes and other areas in which high quality and reliability are required. It is designed for high permanent loads and does 1700W continuous output, 3000W short -term peak output for coping with high start -up flows.

Even on the way, you don't want to do without the amenities of everyday life. Electrical devices not only increase comfort in the motorhome, but also determine the equipment in the ambulance or fire engine, regardless of whether it is sensitive medical devices, notebook, electric tools or the beloved espresso machine. All of these devices require 230 V network voltage, which is provided by an inverter from the on-board battery.

Technical highlights of the Mobilpower SMI 1700 ST Inverters

  • delivers output current with mains voltage quality (pure sinus)
  • 1700 watts of continuous power, designed for 12V battery voltage)
  • Only 10W self-consumption in the switched on condition without load and only 5 watts consumption in standby mode
  • Compromise and problem-free, trouble-free operation of all network-powered devices, e.g. medical devices, radio, charging (cell phone, radio, hand lamps, batteries, etc.), laptop, PC, air conditioning, cooling boxes, power tools (drill, angle grinder, etc.), TV, satellite , TFT, microwave, fully automatic coffee machine, hairdryer, fan, lights, vacuum cleaners, fridge etc.
  • The control panel can be rotated by 360 ° on the device and can also be placed freely as an external remote control in the vehicle Switch-Mode technology, compact, light, robust and reliable, briefly overloadable
  • Low power consumption, selectable power saving mode: continuous operation or automatic standby with automatic search for the switched-on consumers or from
  • Automatic shutdown with battery-over/undervoltage, overload, overheating etc.
  • Performance and temperature-controlled comfort-cool fan with stepless speed control
  • High efficiency of over 93%
  • Made according to the latest standards and equipped with resilient power electronics that it will not let down for many years.

The SMI 1700 ST: Modern inverter technology from Germany

The devices work according to the latest technology in a striking design ("Switch Mode"). A compact design could be realized by microprocessor- Connection with modern SMD technology. And with it without any problems even at full power. Integrated protective circuits also monitor the thermal and electrical loads as well as overload and short circuits of the output circuit. The inverters have an intelligent power saving control with automatic switch -off. necessary. To protect the batteries, an undervoltage protection is integrated, which switches off the inverter when the battery is sunk.

Flexible installation of the inverter display panel possible

In order to optimally place the inverter, the display panel can be removed after removing the two fastening screws and reinstated in the desired position (rotatable in 90 ° steps) and screwed. If the inverter is installed at a difficult to access, the display panel can also be used as a remote control. To do this, the control panel is removed from the device, the 5 m long control line connected again to the device and mounted at the desired point.

Optionally, additional remote control can also be connected if you want an display directly on the device and in the board area.

Scope of delivery:

1x Votronic 3183 SMI 1700 ST 12V 230V Mobilepower Inverter

5m connection cable for controls, battery connection terminals, power cord, 1x connection scheme, operating instructions


Also available in boats with the electronics protected from moisture!


Technical specifications

 Battery native voltage (DC) in [V] 12
 Output voltage (AC) in [V] 230 pure sinus
 Output frequency 50 Hz quartz stabilized
 Efficiency > 93 %
 Cosphi of the consumer everything allowed
 Output power duration in [w] 1700
 Output power short / tip in [W] 2100 / 3000
 Minimum battery capacity (recommended) in [AH] > 150
 Electricity intake (DC) with nominal output in [a] 165
 Battery overvoltage max. [V] 16
 Battery sub voltage min. In [V] 10,5
 Self -consumption in [W] 10 (switched on, without load)
 Self -consumption in standby in [W] 5 (without load)
 Battery connection terminals in [mm2] 2 x 50
 Temperature range [° C] -20 to +45
 Protection level/class IP 21
 Dimensions (WXHXT) in [mm] - Dimensions including fastening flanges, without connections 265 x 90 x 440
 Weight in [g] 4900
 Standards (CE) EN 60950
 Ambient conditions, humidity: max. 95% room moisture, not condensing
 Scope of delivery: 5 m connection cable for control panel, battery connection terminals, operating instructions

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