Intra-community delivery

Here’s how you can get a tax-free intra-Community supply at Frenchman Energy! 

If you wish for a tax-free intra-community delivery, please provide your VAT ID and complete the order with the payment method "Prepayment." After reviewing the UID, you will receive an order without sales tax. 

 If you choose a different payment method, you will receive a refund.

What is intra-community delivery?

Intra-Community delivery refers to the delivery of goods between companies in different EU Member States. It is a tax-free delivery, provided certain conditions are met. This allows smooth trade between the member states and promotes economic cooperation and integration.

How does it work at Frenchman Energy?

Frenchman Energy specializes in efficiently and securely delivering energy products within the European Union. When a company from another EU Member State purchases energy products from us, the process is treated as an intra-community delivery, provided all necessary conditions are met.