Votronic 3065 Standby Charger 12V

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The Votronic Automatic Charger, which are equipped with the latest charging technology and designed for all standard lead batteries, ensure the right battery charge (see chapter charging technology). The peripheral devices from Votronic are used to treat the batteries in daily operation, which work in the background and ensure automated loading control and battery monitoring.
In the case of motorhomes, boats, emergency vehicles etc. Therefore, several batteries are usually installed in these vehicles, which are used separately after driving and standing.
A distinction is made between the starter and supply battery (s). As the name suggests, one battery is responsible for the reliable start of the vehicle, while the other (s) takes over the supply of the electrical devices in the vehicle. In order for each battery circle to work reliably and the electrical concept of the vehicle works, various devices for loading control are used while driving.

Device type Art.-
Switching current
Charging current in standing operation
For starter batt.
Standby-Charger 12V 3065 12 - - 0 - 3 52 A
Standby-Charger 24V 6065 24 - - 0 - 2 52 B
Dimensions (W x D x H): 90 x 60 x 38 mm
Test mark: CE, e-test (EMV/car directive)
Scope of delivery: Instructions


The Votronic Standby Charger serves to automatically recharge and load the starter battery or the additional battery if the network charger, the solar loader or the generator only has a charging output. The device can be easily retrofitted by simply switching between the on-board and start battery or on-board and additional battery without having to change the existing cabling.

For example, if the network charger is in operation and loads the on-board battery, the second battery (start battery or additional battery) is also included with a small part of the charging current. This loading is automatically working and can be seen by an increased voltage situation of the second battery. An overload of the second battery is excluded because the charging voltage is lowered by at least 0.6V and the charging current is limited to 3a (24V variant: 2a).

Make sure that both batteries Same battery tension 12 V / 12 V or 24 V / 24 V, since a mixed operation is not possible 12 V and 24 V.

The standby charger is Only for use with lead batteries Suitable (acid / gel / AGM technology), not for the combination of lifepo4 and lead (starter) batteries.

Also available in boats with the electronics protected from moisture!

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