Victron Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 GX

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TheMultiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 GX from Victron Energy Is a high-end device combination that combines classic multiplus components with an external current sensor and integrated anti-Icelanding function. As a result, the functions PowerControl and Power Assist are expanded to 50 A and the potential area of ​​application extends to eating applications. The inverter module provides a whopping 3000 W or 2400 W with a linear permanent burden on non -linear loads. The 48 V battery charger is also very well proportioned with 35 A charging power and is supplemented by a 32 A transfer switch, with which it can be switched back and forth between the AC connections. Compared to the remaining devices of the series, the GX variants have an integrated GX display with numerous other connection options.

Important performance features
- Integrated GX control device with various communication connections
-PowerControl and power assist-increase in network or generator performance
-Built-in anti-Icelanding function and connection option for external electricity sensor (optional)
- can be used as a backup device in network -coupled systems for the power supply for network failures
- Can be used in various ESS (Energy Storage System) Applications
- Ideally suited for professional seafaring, yachts, vehicles and land -related, removable applications
-Ve.Bus interface for parallel and three-phase operation, remote monitoring and system integration
-Practically unlimited performance through parallel and three-phase operation
.- Can be configured on site or from a distance using Veconfigure software*

technical features
- 3000W power with non -linear load 2400 W continuous load and 6000 W Top output
- for 48 V battery voltage, 32 A transfer switch and 35 A battery charger
- Output voltage: 230 VAC, frequency: 50 Hz
- Max. Efficiency is 95%, protection class IP22
- Always enough power thanks to PowerControl and Power Assist

A maximum network or generator current can be set on the Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 GX. The Multiplus-II then takes into account other connected alternating current consumers and only uses the electricity to load the battery, which is still “left”. This prevents the generator or mains connection from being overloaded (PowerControl function). With the power assist function, the PowerControl principle receives a new dimension. Load tips often only occur for a limited period of time. In such a case, the multiplus-II compensates for the weak generator, land electricity or network output immediately by energy from the battery. If the load is reduced, i.e. consumers are switched off, the energy that is sufficiently existing can then be used again for charging the batteries.

Solar power: Alternating current even in the event of a network failure
The device can be used for non-mesh-coupled and network-coupled PV systems as well as in other alternative energy systems. It can be used with solar charging regulators and with network-bound inverters.

Maximum flexibility thanks to two alternating current outputs
The main exit ensures uninterrupted operation. In the event of a network failure or in the event of an interruption of the land/generator current, the multiplus-II takes over the supply of the connected consumers. Switching happens so quickly (in less than 20 milliseconds) that an interruption -free operation of computers and other electronic devices is guaranteed. The second output only provides electricity if the Multiplus II AC. Consumers who are not allowed to unload the battery, such as B. a water heater can be connected to this output.

Scope of the integrated GX device
A VE.CAN interface can be used to connect Victron (e.g. Ve.CAN MPPT) Ve.CAN devices. The connection can also be configured via the remote console for use with a compatible CAN bus Li-ion battery.
1xusb connection, 1x Ethernet connection, 1x VE.Direct connection offer many options for system extension
The settings can be changed with the Veconfigure software within a few minutes (a computer or laptop and an MK3 USB interface are necessary).
Several monitoring and control options are available: Color Control GX, Venus GX, Octo GX, Canvu GX, Laptop, Computer, Bluetooth (with the optional Ve.Bus Smart Dongle), battery guard, digital multi operating panel .

Configuration and monitoring remotely
Install a Color Control GX or other GX products to connect to the Internet. The operating data can be saved and viewed free of charge on our VRM (Victron Remote Management) website. If systems are connected to the Internet, you can access them from a distance and settings can be changed.

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