VOTRONIC 3324 VCC 1212-30 B2B charging converter charging booster

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Votronic battery charging booster for motorhomes

  • 12V / 30A
  • Optimized charging characteristics for acid, gel, AGM and LIFEPO4 batteries
  • High performance on short driving routes
  • Votronic Products "" Made in Germany ""

Charging booster, optimal load even on short lines

The Votronic Lade Booster guarantee the optimal and quick load of the supply battery from the alternator while driving. In contrast to the simple separation relay, the charging voltage is raised to the value, which is necessary for the respective battery type for a full load and required by the battery manufacturers. In this way, the full charging current can flow and in a short time invite handsome amounts of electricity into the battery. Long charging lines and losses, as well as voltage fluctuations on the alternator, are cleaned cleanly.

The Votronic loading technology has been used in professional emergency vehicles such as fire brigade, ambulance, coast guard for years! Quality - Made in Germany!

The loading converters thus also provide the well-known high-quality quality of the battery charge of the Votronic chargers while driving. The intelligent microprocessor charging with "iU1ou2" charging characteristics and dynamic charging time calculation automatically ensures the fast and gentle full load as well as subsequent loading of the connected batteries from any state of charge and always enables simultaneous co-supply of consumers to the supply battery.

Further special features at a glance:

  • Votronic Products "" Made in Germany ""
  • High charging capacity already on short routes
  • Significantly improved energy balance of the on -board battery
  • Optimal charging characteristics for all battery types adjustable by battery selection switches (lead-acid, gel, AGM, lithium lifepo4)
  • Suitable for all alternators
  • Automatic, adjustable performance control ensures the priority loading of the starter battery by the alternator when the vehicle is heavily loaded and thus ensures the immediate starting capacity of the vehicle again
  • Easy installation, no interventions in the vehicle of the vehicle required, device is switched into the charging line to the supply battery
  • Parallel operation for the increase in performance possible
  • Especially recommended for vehicles with Euro 6 standard
  • Temperature sensor 825 already included
  • The loading converters are also characterized by compact design, low weight (high -frequency switching transmission, switch fashion technology) and vigorously dimensioned power components. 6 Operating advertisements provide information about the operating status of the device at any time.

As accessories we recommend the clear LCD Charge Control S-VCC (1248). With this you always have information about loading, the display was developed exclusively for the VCC 1212 device series.

Scope of delivery:

- Votronic 3324 VCC 1212-30 12V to 12V 30A B2B charging converter
- temperature sensor
- Operation manual

Technical specifications VCC-1212-30
Input voltage (DC) 12V (10.5 - 16.5V)
Charging performance adjustable limit, max. 30a
Battery type Gel, AGM, lead acid, lifepo4
Steplessly temperature -controlled fan Yes
Temperature sensor included Yes
Connections remote control, display / VBS2 / CI bus Yes / no / no
Overload protection / over -temperature protection Yes / Yes
Battery capacity, recommended/up to 60-200/260 Ah
Dimensions 146 x 67 x 40mm
Weight 0.28 kg

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