VOTRONIC 3315 VCC 2412-45 IUOU-LI 24V / 12V galvanically isolated B2B / charging converter / chargingbooster

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The VCC 2412-45 iuou-Li from Votronic (3315) is a fully automatic, galvanized battery charging converter for special vehicles, high-quality motorhomes, boats with galvanic insulation. The loading converter (booster) of the "VCC" series has been developed according to the latest specifications for the mobile load of supply batteries (living space/on-board batteries), from the alternator (starter battery) during the journey. The device also ensures During the journey for a complete iU1ou2 loading character. The max. Charging current of the VCC 2412-45 is 45a and it can work with lead-acid, gel, AGM1, AGM2 and LIFEPO4 batteries. This device loads from a 24V Battery / alternator a 12V battery.

In contrast to the conventional separating relay, the charging voltage is lowered or raised according to charging program specification, therefore 6, 6 + plus vehicles are particularly suitable for euro standard.

Universally usable multi -talent

For on-board batteries in classic lyricic acid, lead-gel or lead-agm and modern lithium-lifepo4 technology, the 8 selectable charging programs ensure a surveillance-free, quick and gentle full load from every charging state with subsequent full maintenance and maintenance of the battery. Even on short trips, the battery is loaded with full charging current. Connected 12 V consumers are automatically supplied, even if the on-board network is heavily loaded. The automatic performance control ensures the necessary safety and starting capacity of the vehicle.

W up characteristics of the Votronic 3315 VCC 2412-45 iuou-Li

  • The VCC 2412-45 is B2B charger with galvanic insulation for charging 24V batteries from a 24V alternator / battery.
  • Max. Charging current: 45a, input voltage range 24V, invites 12V batteries, recommended battery capacity: 90 - 400 AH
  • Increases or reduces the voltage to the necessary level in order to be able to precisely charge the on-board battery with the optimal charging characteristic.
  • It compensates for line losses and voltage fluctuations in the alternator, such as that, for example, fully occur in Euro 6 vehicles (intelligent alternators) to a considerable extent.
  • Is characterized by compact design, low weight (high-frequency switch fashion technology) and vigorously dimensioned performance components for safe operation.
  • Significantly better energy balance of the on-board battery. No intervention in the starter circle; The device behaves like a strong consumer on the alternator.
  • The 12 V consumers provided are protected against overvoltage and voltage fluctuations.
  • The charging voltage is free of tips and regulated so that an overload of the batteries is excluded.
  • Fully automatic operation: The device is constantly connected to the batteries and is automatically activated by the running alternator of the vehicle. When the engine is standing, the batteries are not unloaded.
  • Parallel and buffer operation: With simultaneous consumption, the battery is charged or fully received. The adjustment of the loading times calculates and monitors the device automatically.
  • Surveillance-free charge: multiple protection against overload, overheating, overvoltage, short circuit, misconduct and battery recharge through electronic discounting up to the complete separation of the device and battery.
  • Construction network filter installed: Problemless parallel operation with other load sources (EBL, chargers, engine and fuel generators, solar systems) on a battery.
  • Charging cable compensation: Tension losses on the charging cables are automatically excavated.
  • Connection for battery temperature sensor (sensor included).
  • In the case of lead batteries (acid, gel, AGM), the charging voltage is automatically adjusted to the battery temperature. This causes a better full load of the weaker battery in the cold, and unnecessary battery launch is avoided in summer temperatures.
  • LIFEPO4 batteries: battery protection at high and particularly adapted load at low temperatures below 0 ° C. Charging aid for low-level lead batteries: gentle invitation of the (lead-acid,-gel, AGM) battery up to 8 V, then powerful support of the battery with any still switched on consumers.
  • Also ensures the automatic activation of a Lifepo4 battery switched off by the BMS.

What added value does the use of a B2B loading converter offer me?

The loading converters ensure the optimal and quick load of the supply battery from the alternator while driving. In contrast to the simple separation relay, the charging voltage is raised to the value, which is necessary for the respective battery type for a full load and required by the battery manufacturers. In this way, the full charging current can flow and in a short time invite handsome amounts of electricity into the battery. Long charging lines and losses, as well as voltage fluctuations on the alternator, are cleaned cleanly. For loading converters with different input and output voltages (12V/24V or 24V/12V), the simple load of a second battery is possible even without installing a second alternator.

The loading converters thus also provide the well-known high-quality quality of the battery charge of the Votronic chargers while driving. The intelligent microprocessor charging with "iu1ou2ou3" charging characteristics and dynamic charging time calculation automatically ensures the fast and gentle full load as well as subsequent charging of the connected batteries from any state of charge and always enables simultaneous care for consumers in parallel to the care battery.

Scope of delivery:

1x Votronic 3315 VCC 2412-45 IUOU-LI 45A loading converter

1x operating instructions (German)

1x temperature sensor


Technical specifications

Entrance of the vehicle starter battery "+ in Start"
Vehicle starter battery nominal voltage 24 V
Battery capacity (size), at least recommended 60 Ah
Input voltage area (Euro 6 +), D + controlled 22 - 32 V
Input overvoltage shutdown (Euro 6 +), max. 32.2 V
Performance recording max. 740 W
Electricity intake (with the lowest input voltage) max. 30 a
Electricity intake standby / off (KL.15 or D+ without signal) 0.11 a / 5 ma
Charging output on on-board supply battery "+ Out Bord"
Battery 12 V - 13.3 V
Battery capacity recommended / up to 90-300/400 Ah
Charging current Hauptladg., I-phase, 8 V to U1, 0-15h 45 a
Loading/buffer/load current, regulated U1-U2 phase 0 - 45 a
Selectable charging programs AGM/GEL/LEAD ACID, LIFEPO4 4
Minimum battery voltage for the start of the load 0 V
Vorbadestrom (Battery deepest discharge <8V), max. 22.5 a
Return current made of battery, off (KL.15 or D+ without signal) 0 A
Reset voltage AGM-Gel-Lead ACID / LIFEPO4 (30sec) 12.8 V/13.4 V
Charging limit limit (protection of consumers) 15.00 V
External overvoltage shutdown (20sec) 15.50 V
Tension <30 MV RMS
Input for battery I-Temperature sensor Yes
Charging timer 3-way
Group/short circuit/back load/safety protection Yes
Overload protection ---
Security timer per load phase I / U1 Yes
EBL Start in, EVS measurement input / charging output ---
Load/cargo maintenance for 12 V-starter battery ---
Device installation position any
Temperature range -20 to 45 °
Speed ​​-controlled, temperature -controlled fan Yes
Gradual delegation of the charging capacity at over temperature Yes
Safety shutdown at overheating Yes
Dimensions, including fortified. Flanges and clamps (LXBXH) 245 x 160 x 71 mm
Weight 1700 g
Ambient conditions, humidity: max. 95 % room moisture, not condensing
Scope of delivery: temperature sensor, operating instructions  

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