PHILIPPI - connecting rail EBV1 33.5mm

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PHILIPPI - Power Install System 250

Connecting rails copper, nickel-plated 80 mm² for connecting the PowerInstall elements.

EBV 1: hole spacing 25-33 mm

The installation of high-current components such as main switches and fuses is a space-consuming and time-consuming task, since the individual components can often only be connected with flexible cables due to mechanical differences. Our newly developed main distribution system saves an enormous amount of space, time and money. It also increases security, as all connections are connected to one another using suitable copper straps. The central components are the mechanically switchable (EBH 250) or the electrically remote-controlled main battery switch (FBR/TSA/FBC 265). The subsequent protection can be done with the strip fuse holder ESH or the bolt fuse holder EBF.

An ESF fuse block can be installed at the input and output of the main battery switch to supply measuring lines and consumers such as bilge pumps, chargers or heaters with a permanent plus. The current carrying capacity of the system is 250 A and is suitable for DC 12 V and 24 V.

By combining several components, a compact main power distribution for the starter and consumer battery can be set up, which can also be supplemented with an emergency switch to start the engine via the consumer battery. Alternatively, a charging relay can also be used. Mechanical or remote-controlled main switches (FBA / TSA / FBC) can be used. Fuse blocks can be attached to the main switch outputs to protect the main lines. Small fuse blocks can be added to the side to protect permanently plus consumers. The connection is made with the appropriate connecting straps.