Votronic LCD battery computer 100 S with smart shunt and mass band 25

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How much remaining load does my on -board battery still have? Is the battery really full? Why is energy being removed from the battery despite the consumer switched off? The Votronic LCD battery computer S answers these questions to the percentage (%) and the amperpower (AH). At the push of a button, it provides comprehensive information about the current loading status of the battery, the flowing battery flows and the voltage position of the battery. Building on the extremely proven Votronic LCD battery computer, the LCD battery computer was created. The versatile, easy-to-use display functions have been expanded by a white illuminated, clear LCD display, which can also be read from a large distance and in the event of unfavorable lighting conditions.

The device is constantly in contact with "its battery" and thus registered and evaluates all battery actions. All loading and discharge flows are meticulously counted, battery sizes, self-discharge, battery load etc. are taken into account using one programmed characteristic fields. The residual capacity of the battery is then calculated from the measured values ​​and the battery size. The result is the correct display of the charging status (the still removable capacity, residual charge) of the on-board battery as a numerical value in ampers hours ("AH") and in percent ("%") as well as as a clear filling level, as with a tank watch. The LCD battery computer S is suitable for all battery types (acid, gel, AGM, lithium adjustable) with 12V and 24V battery voltage.

Of course, the current battery voltage ("V") and the current battery current ("A") are also available. Discharge flows (consumers) are marked by a minus sign. Charging flows are also characterized by a "Charge", legible sign. Regardless of this, there is a further display option for tensioning a second battery, e.g. to monitor the vehicle's starter battery.

The LCD battery computer S has a freely programmable switching output for tax, control and warning purposes, for example, depending on the loading status of the on-board battery (0-100%) of consumers or issuing a warning. Input and output points can be adjusted in % and independently of one another, which enables any switching functions. In addition, these can be oversteered manually at any time by pressing a button.

Application example: Automatic protection of the battery against harmful deep discharge, consumers are switched off exactly according to charging status, e.g. with less than 25% charging status. At the push of a button, an emergency one function is possible to continue to be supplied with consumers. The device can therefore also be used as a remote control battery switch (on/off) with deep discharge protection.

A connected connecting cable connects the display to a robust Precision measurement resistance (smart shunt), which is connected directly to the minus pole of the on-board battery and on which the tensions and currents of the battery are recorded. Here is also the switching exit for connecting signalers or strong switching relays.

In keeping with the Votronic module system, the device is partly visually and mechanically (uniform height 85 mm) to the other display modules and the low installation depth of only 22 mm allows assembly at almost every point.

Important information about the smart shunt:
The selection of the right smart shunt (100 s, 200 s or 400 s) depends exclusively on the maximum permanent load by consumers (a) and not on the overall battery capacity (AH).

Also available in boats with the electronics protected from moisture!


Technical specifications

Device type Art.-

Shunt in


(Can be switched off)


Shunt [a]
Duration/15/7 min.


LCD battery computer 100 S 1263 100 A 8 60 50 - 2000 100 / 150 / 200 55 / 240
LCD battery computer 200 S 1266 200 A 8 60 50 - 2000 200 / 300 / 400 55 / 240
LCD battery computer 400 S 1269 400 a 8 60 100 - 2000 400 / 600 / 800 55 / 245
Battery voltage lead acid/gel/AGM: 12 and 24 V
Battery voltage Lifepo4 12.8-13.2 V / 25.6-26.4 V
Test mark: CE, e-test (EMV/car directive)
Scope of delivery: Display unit, Mess-Shunt 100 A, 200 A or 400 A including smart shunt cover,
Connection cable 5m long, mass band, fastening screws, instructions, drilling template
Dimensions (W x H x T): 80 x 85 x 24 mm
Setting up (W x H x T): 66 x 72 x 22 mm
Dimensions Shunt (W x H X T): 135 x 32 x 44 mm

The devices are tailored to the measurement shunts contained in the scope of delivery and cannot be operated or exchanged in conjunction with other measuring shunts!

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