Votronic 3337 DC voltage converter DC/DC 1212-45 12V/12V Galvanian isolated

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This votronic DC converter of the DCDC series enables 12V consumers to operate 12V-board networks without being needed for this.

The devices can be operated at an early stage with up to 30% overload, so that switch-on, lace and start-up currents of the various consumers are also collected.

For safety against voltage, defective mass lines or similar, galvanic insulation is installed between the entrance and output side. This ensures flawless, independent mass ratios on both sides even with long connection cables, sensible e.g. for large vehicles, containers, roll containers, supporters etc.

After activating the DC converters on the ON / OFF control input, which can either be done either by a switching signal, vehicle ignition or D+, the voltage monitoring of the battery is also ready for operation (charging detection on the starter battery, undervoltage shutdown).

Output voltage:

It is stabilized and smoothed and is therefore ideally suited even for sensitive consumers. The output voltage can be set to three fixed, stabilized output voltages.

In the fourth switch position, the height of the input voltage at the output is variable.

In this operating mode, those consumers that obtain additional information from the 12V operating voltage are then advantageous, e.g. starter battery is loaded, driving or stand operation, independent shutdown with undervoltage and battery discharge (small devices, charging trays, illuminants) etc.

Device properties of the DCDC series:

  • The Output voltage is Stabilized, free of tips, smoothed and filtered.
  • Galvanic isolation between entrance and output:
  • Absolute separation of consumers and the battery circle, also in the error trap. This is a particularly important feature, for example, when operating 12V consumers, a higher 24V system voltage:
  • No destruction of e.g. 12V consumers in the event of overvoltage due to 24V blows.
  • No overvoltage at the output and thus with protection of consumers if the mass line is lost.
  • Clean, undisturbed mass relationships even with long supply lines.
  • Stable operating voltage on site in mobile operation, e.g. containers, trailers, roll containers etc.
  • Filtering and suppression of disorders of the input to the output side.
  • Fully automatic continuous operation: The DC voltage converter can be constantly connected to the battery and consumers and works manually or automatically according to the set requirements.
  • Monitoring -free operation: Multiple protection against overload, overheating, overvoltage, short-circuit, misconduct and battery deep discharge through electronic discounting up to the complete switch-off By built-in security switch.
  • Supervision cable compensation: Tension losses on the cables are taken into account.
  • Built -in spare network filter: Problem-free parallel operation with solar systems, wind and benzingen generators, network chargers etc. on a battery.

Scope of delivery:

DC voltage converter DCDC 1212-45, operating instructions



Technical specifications

 Output voltage, adjustable in [V] 12,5 / 13 / 13,5
 Output permanent current/short. Top current in [a] 45 /  58
 Input voltage in [V] 12
 Max. Electricity in [a] 70
 Switch input D+ Yes
 Measurement receipt control by start battery Yes
 Temperature range [° C] -20 to +45
 Protection level/class IP 21
 Dimensions (WXHXT) in [mm] - Dimensions including fastening flanges, without connections 160 x 71 x 245
 Weight in [g] 1800
 Standards (CE) EN 60335-2-29
 Ambient conditions, humidity: max. 95% room moisture, not condensing
 Scope of delivery: operating instructions



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