Victron Skylla-IP44 24/30 (3) 24V 30A battery charger 3 outputs

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The Skylla-IP44 24/30 (3) of Victron Energy (MPN SKY024030100) is a powerful 24V battery charger for larger batteries. It has 3 charging outputs with each individual can deliver the maximum charging current of 30A. With the Skylla-IP44 24/30 (3) you can load all common lead batteries as well as modern lithium-ion batteries.

Compared to the Skylla-I series, the Skylla-IP44 family has an anodized steel housing, which makes it even more robust compared to environmental influences. In addition to this, the IP44 devices are equipped with a comfortable LCD display, through which the device status can be read or settings on the loading algorithms can be made.

Robust constitution with IP44 protection

Epoxy powder-coated steel housing and splash-proof. Withstands the challenges of a difficult environment: heat, moisture and salty air. An acrylic coating protects the circuit boards from corrosion as best as possible. Temperature sensors ensure that the electricity components are always operated within the specified limits. Under extreme environmental conditions, the output current is automatically reduced if necessary.

Integrated CAN bus interface (NMEA)

Apart from a CAN BUS (NMEA2000) interface, a rotary button, dip switch and potentiometer are also available to adapt the loading algorithm to a specific battery and its terms of use. You can find an overall overview of the various options in the manual.

Properties of the Skylla-IP44 24/30 (3)

The Skylla-i 24/60 is a state-of-the-art and powerful battery charger for 24V batteries, which withstands the challenges of a difficult environment: heat, moisture and salty air-a real professional device!

  • for 24V battery voltage, IP44 protection class
  • Suitable for batteries with a capacity of 150AH - 300AH
  • 3 battery charging outputs, everyone can deliver full 30A charging current (maximum total charging current = 30A)
  • Always the correct charging quantity for a lead-acid battery: adapted constant stress period
  • Batterysafe mode: Prevention of damage caused by excessive gas development)
  • Adaptive, seven-level loading algorithm for lead batteries
  • Integrated LCD display for status monitoring and adaptation of the loading algorithms
  • Three-level loading algorithm for lithium-ion batteries including input/control or can bus control
  • Storage mode: Less maintenance and aging in the resting state of the battery)
  • Smaller and easier compared to similar models)
  • Nmea2000 canbus connection)
  • PowerControl: Setting a maximum country current)

The most important functions of the Skylla-IP44 24/30 (3)

Synchronized parallel operation

Several chargers can be synchronized with the CAN bus interface. This is achieved by simply connecting the chargers via RJ45 UTP cable. Please note the manual for further details.

The correct loading amount for a lead-acid battery: adapted constant voltage time

If only weak discharges occur, the constant voltage period is kept short to avoid overloading the battery. After a deep discharge, the constant voltage phase is automatically extended to ensure that the battery is fully charged.

Preventing damage caused by excessive gas development: battery chon mode

To shorten the loading time, the aim is to focus as high as possible in conjunction with a high constant voltage. However, in order for an excessive gas development to be avoided towards the end of the constant trump phase, the Skylla-i limits the speed of the voltage climb after the gas voltage has been reached.

Less maintenance and aging in the resting state of the battery: the warehouse mode

The storage mode is always activated if no discharge has been carried out within 24 hours. In storage mode, the loading tension is then reduced to 2.2 V/cell (26.4 V for a 24 V battery) in order to minimize gas development and corrosion on the positive plates. Once a week, the voltage is increased back to the threshold value of the constant voltage to 'refresh the battery'. This achieves a kind of compensation charge that prevents the electrolystal layering and sulfating - the two main reasons for premature battery failure.

To extend the service life of the battery: temperature compensation

A battery temperature sensor is included for each Skylla-IP44 device. The temperature sensor ensures a decreasing charging voltage with increasing battery temperature. This is particularly important for gel batteries or when high temperature fluctuations are constantly expected.

Battery voltage sensor

To compensate for voltage losses through cable resistance, the Skylla-IP44 has a tension sensor in the charging circuit, so that the battery always receives the correct charging current.

Use as a power source

Due to the perfectly stabilized output voltage, the Skylla-IP44 24/30 (3) charger can be used as a power source if no batteries or large buffer capacitors are available.

Optional remote control panel and can bus connection

The Skylla-IP44 24/30 (3) has an optional control panel which offers extensive control options of the Skylla-i. The CAN BUS connection also enables the integration of the battery charger into larger system networks that must be monitored and controlled centrally.

Scope of delivery:

1x Victron Energy Sky024030100 Skylla-IP44 24/30 (3)

1x installation instructions

IP protection




Manufacturer part number


Battery voltage


Ambient temperature

-20 ° C - +60 ° C

Number of charging outputs


Battery type adjustable

AGM, gel, leveric acid, lifepo4 and much more ...



Protective functions

Polation on the battery (fuse), output ceiling, over temperature


2 years

Temperature compensation



Max. 95 %, not condensing


Victron Energy


6.7 kg

Dimensions (LXBXH)

40.1 x 37.5 x 26.5 cm

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