Victron Blue Smart 12/25 IP67 charger 12/230 volts

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The Blue Smart IP 67 12/25 12V 230V battery charger from Victron Energy (MPN BPC122513006) is a smart, high-performance battery charger of the latest generation with 25a charging current for charging 12V AGM, gel and lyricic acid batteries as well as lithium ion batteries. In terms of function, the Blue Smart IP67 series is identical to the chargers of the Blue Smart IP 65 and IP 22 device families. Only the application environment for which these chargers are designed differ.

Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth, the Blue Smart IP 67 battery chargers offer a wireless solution for monitoring voltage and electricity, for adapting settings and updating the charger when new functions are available.

Important features of the Blue Smart IP67 12/25 25a battery charging devices

  • Victron part number: BPC122513006
  • Model description: Blue Smart IP 67 12/25
  • Max. Charging current: 25a
  • For battery voltage: 12V DC
  • For mains voltage: 180-265 VAC 45-65 Hz
  • Completely covered: waterproof, push -in and fire -retardant
  • Smart configuration and monitoring via integrated Bluetooth and free app
  • adaptive, 5-stage loading algorithm
  • extends the life of your batteries thanks to the integrated warehouse mode
  • can be used to supply 12V consumers
  • High quality housing made of cast aluminum
  • Protection against application errors: Polation on battery (fuse), protection against over temperature, protection against the start of the start

Completely covered: waterproof, shock -protected and fire -retardant ??Water, oil or dirt cannot damage the Blue Smart IP67 charger. The housing is made of cast aluminum and the electronics are covered with resin.

One of the highest load efficiency of all time!?

Set a new industrial standard: With an efficiency of at least 92 % or more, these chargers produce three to four times less heat.

Adaptive 5-stage loading algorithm?

The Blue Smart 12/25 IP67 charger is characterized by its microprocessor-controlled, "adaptive" battery management. "Adaptive" means that the loading process is automatically adjusted to the type of battery use.

  • "Bulk" (constant trump phase)
  • "Absorption" (constant voltage phase)
  • "Recondition" (regeneration phase)
  • "Float" (loading tension phase)
  • "Storage" (warehouse mode)

Warehouse mode: Less maintenance and aging in the resting state of the battery

The warehouse mode is always activated if no discharge has been carried out within 24 hours. In storage mode, the loading tension is then reduced to 2.2 V/cell (13.2 V for a 24 V battery) in order to minimize gas development and corrosion on the positive plates. Once a week, the voltage is increased to the level of the gas voltage. This achieves a kind of compensation charge that prevents the electrolystal layering and sulfating - the two main reasons for premature battery failure.

Significant differences to the Blue Smart IP 65 family

The two device groups differ in the following points:

  • The type of protection, the IP 67 devices have the best possible protection
  • Blue Smart IP 65 devices have a 7-stage loading algorithm, with the IP67 it is 5-stated

Delivery time: 1-3 working days

Scope of delivery:

1x VICTRON BPC122513006 Blue Smart IP67 12/25 25a 12v 230V Battery charger

1x operating instructions

1x 1.5m battery connection cable red/black





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