Victron Battery Switch on/Off 275a Battery main switch

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The battery switch is intended for permanent current and is suitable for battery systems up to 48 V. It has a unique ergonomic and aesthetic button for easy operation.


With the battery switch, a battery of DC loads and/or DC load sources can be separated. It serves to maintain the battery charge for unattended systems, for system maintenance or in emergencies. With the battery switch, the house battery can also be switched in parallel to the starter battery to supplement a unloaded starter battery or a discharged house battery in an emergency.


The battery switch offers both a surface and back wall assembly and is therefore flexible when installing. It has 4 easily removable side parts for cable access. It is supplied with 16 different label stickers for the individual design of the battery switch.


The button is removable for insulation or security purposes. The battery switch corresponds to the ISO8846 Zuf protection standard and is suitable for use in a machine room.

Max. Permanent current 275 a

1-minute introduction 455 a

Nominal value Home 1250 a

Nominal voltage 48 V

Material of the clamps tinned copper

Material of the hexagon nut Tinned copper

Diameter of the clamp 3/8 inches / 9.53 mm

Recommended torque 70 LBF · Inch / 8 N · M

Base material glass fiber reinforced nylon

Weight 0.4 LB / 0.2 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.7 x 3.0 x 2.7 inches 69.5 x 76.3 x 69.5 mm

Assembly surface or back wall assembly

ISO8846 / SAE J1171

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