Victron Battery Monitor BMV-700

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Victron BMV 700 battery monitor

Precise monitoring:
The main task of battery monitoring is to monitor the battery's state of charging in order to display unexpected complete discharges. For this purpose, the current flow is measured continuously and the current battery charging status is recorded. An alarm can be triggered when a set threshold value is reached. The ampère hours are determined by integrating the current flow into or from the battery. With constant current, the integration of the multiplication of electricity and time corresponds. For example, a discharge current of 10a over 2 hours results. a value of 20Ah. Victron battery guards are equipped with powerful, programmed microprocessors.

Batterielade and remaining runner:
The remaining battery capacity depends on the used ampers' hours, the discharge current, the
Temperature and the age of the battery. Complex software algorithms are required to all of them
To take into account variables.
Apart from the basic display options such as voltage, electricity and used amperpers hours, the BMV-700 series also shows the charging status, the remaining term and the power consumption in watts.

Easy installation and programming:
All electrical connections are carried out with the circuit board connector on the Strom-Shunt. The shunt is connected to the guard via a standard RJ12 telephone cable.
A quick installation menu and a detailed setup menu with scrolling supports the user during the settings.

Scope of delivery:

-500 amps/50 mV quick connection shunt
And a connection set:
- RJ 12 cable (10 m)
- Battery cable with fuse (2 m)
- Separate front panel for a square or round display
- Safety ring for a back assembly, screws for a front-side assembly
Standard functions
- Battery voltage, electricity, power, used amperpers and charging status
- Remaining term with current discharge rate
- Programmable visual and acoustic alarm
- Programmable relays to switch off insignificant loads or switch on a generator if necessary
- Shunt capacity of up to 10,000 amps can be selected.
- communication connection
- Save a wide range of course data, based on which usage patterns and battery status
can be evaluated.
- Wide input voltage area: 9.5 - 95 V
- High current measuring resolution 10 MA (0.01 a)
- Low power consumption 2.9 AH per month (4 mA) at 12 V and 2.2 AH per month (3 MA) at 24 V
Resolution and accuracy (with a 500 A shunt):
Electricity ± 0.01 a
Voltage ± 0.01 V
Ampers hours ± 0.1 Ah
Charging status (0-100 %) ± 0.1 %
Remaining term ± 1 min
Accuracy of the current measurement ± 0.4 %
Accuracy of the voltage measurement ± 0.3 %
Dimensions: 65 x 65 x30
Safety EN 60335-1
Emissions / immunity EN 55014-1 / EN 55014- 2
Automotive industry ECE R10-4 / EN 50498

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