Victron Anti-Islanding Box 63a, for one and three-phase operation

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The anti-Islanding box is a completely pre-cabled and easy-to-install device, which ensures that your battery system can be continued in the event of a network failure.

If theoretically energy could be fed back into the public network from a battery system in the event of a network failure, an anti-Icelanding device must be installed in the battery system that corresponds to the local provisions. If there is a power failure in the electricity plant, this so -called ENS separates the connection to the network and its system continues as an independent system.

The anti-Islanding Box 63a one and three-phase, is a combination of an anti-Icelanding device, the UFR1001E anti-Icelanding relay, two inline shifting devices and one main performance switch. It is suitable for both single -phase and three -phase systems. It has a nominal output of up to 63 A per phase and all parts are conveniently housed in a housing of the protection class IP65.

The anti-Islanding box can be integrated into a network-sponsored inverter/charging system (ESS) in order to meet the local anti-Icelanding regulations.

The anti-Islanding Box 63a for single-phase and three-phase systems fulfills the following standards:

- G83/2 and G59/3 (proof of conformity Great Britain)

-VDE-AR-N 4105 (proof of conformity na protection Germany)

-ÖVE / ÖNORM E 8001-4-712 (Austria's obstruction)

-DIN V VDE V 0126-1-1 / A1 / NOI-RES_13E (objection certificate of Europe)

-NRS-097-2-1 (proof of conformity in South Africa)


The German, Austrian and French norms require two electrical switchgear switched in a row.

The Ziehl relay controls both switching devices.

Note: The second shooter is not required for G83 / 2 and G59 / 3-compliant systems.


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