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Proper wiring of electricity in the vehicle is not only a question of orderliness but rather an imperative to ensure safety on board. The frequently encountered tangle of cables, which continues from the battery behind the furniture walls, makes it difficult to find the cause in the event of a fault and often poses a serious risk.

This is where small, indispensable helpers from the VOTRONIC peripheral device program come in, which among other things take care of the professional distribution or protection of the battery plus side and secure ground conditions.

Plus distributor 6

The compact, powerful plus distributor with 6 individual circuits enables the professional distribution and protection of small and medium-sized consumers on the battery plus side. Two large collective terminals (cable cross-sections up to 16 mm², current carrying capacity max. 50 A) are used for the power supply from the battery, which can also be used for a further positive through distribution. The fuse holders on the consumer side are designed for commercially available FKS fuses with ratings of 1 A to 20 A; The scope of delivery includes the types 15 A, 10 A and 4 x 7.5 A. The associated six distribution terminals allow cable cross-sections of up to 4 mm² with a maximum current carrying capacity of 20 A. Labeling fields on the housing enable the fuses to be easily assigned to their circuits. Suitable for 12 V and 24 V operation.

Plus distributor 8

Powerful plus distributor with six fused outputs of different strengths.

The positive lead from the battery is connected to a solid screw block with a cable lug (cable cross-section 16 mm², total current capacity max. 96 A). The distribution takes place on:

Connection 1: Screw block with cable lug (16 mm²) and strip fuse 40 A, 50 A or 60 A, with LED display, as main fuse or for larger loads such as inverters up to 12 V / 600 W or 24 V / 1200 W, powerful chargers, etc.
Connection 2: 6 mm² screw terminal with 30 A flat plug fuse, eg for medium consumers or chargers. This branch can be powered by an internal jumper from the main circuit or alternatively separately from the other circuits via a second 6 mm2 screw terminal.
Connection 3-6: Screw terminals with a large clamping area (4 mm², max. 20 A) and fuse holder for standard FKS fuses with ratings of 1 A to 20 A; The scope of delivery includes the strengths 1 x 30 A and 2 x 15 A and 2 x 10 A.

The cover hood with cable routing comb ensures that the cables are held securely and that the appearance is clean. The monitoring LED for the strip fuse of connection 1 is also visible when the distributor housing is attached. Labeling fields on the housing enable the safe assignment of the plug-in fuses. Suitable for 12 V and 24 V operation.

device type Art.-
battery voltage
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Plus distributor 6 1 3203 12 and 24 90x38x60 95 A
Plus distributor 8 2 3215 12 and 24 105x36x71 135 B
Approval: CE, E-test (EMC/Automotive Directive)
Scope of delivery 1 : Blade fuses 1 x 15 A, 1 x 10 A and 4 x 7.5 A, operating instructions
Scope of delivery 2 : 2x cable lugs 16mm², strip fuse 40 A, 50 A, 60 A,
Blade fuses 1 x 30 A, 2 x 15 A and 2 x 10 A, operating instructions

Also available in boat version with moisture-proof electronics !

Delivery time: 1-3 working days

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