Votronic Battery Protector 40/24 Motor

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Battery guard

Sub-voltage protection for on-board and start battery


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The Votronic Battery Protector 40 and Battery Protector 100 devices are switched between the supply battery and consumers and are suitable for all lead battery types (acid, gel, AGM) and manufacturers. They protect the battery from dangerous deep discharge as well as consumers and equipment from subtle and overvoltage and, controlled by an external switch, also serve as a remote control battery switch.

  • High switching flow 100a, briefly overloaded until 180a; Switching on 12V / 24V-sector network
  • Intelligent switching threshold automatic control system always calculates the right "empty" section for secure protection of the battery with optimal capacity utilization, both for strong consumers (low switching threshold with shorter response time) and very small loads (e.g. "secret" power consumers With response times for days/months with a high response threshold)
  • Optionally, also adjustable with 3 defined switch -off sweats (manually)
  • The higher setting values ​​receive the starting capacity of emergency vehicles with only one battery circuit
    (according to DIN EN 1789)
  • Preliminary alarm with display optically (LED) and acoustic (beeper, can be switched off) and separate warning switch exit (PNP, plus output 0.2 a) enables timely countermeasures by the user
    (e.g. switch off unnecessary consumers)
  • Solid battery screw connections for cable shoes M6 including cover for battery connections
Device type Art.-
Switching threshold
Reset point
Battery Protector 100 3078 12 and 24 100 / 180 10,6 / 11,5 / 11,8 1
9,5 - 12,2 1,2
12,4 / 12,5 / 12,8 1
12,5 1,2
15,5 / 15,0 1 180
  1 With 24 V-Operation values ​​x 2 2 Switching threshold automatic switching threshold
Dimensions (W x H x T) 105 x 36 x 71 mm (including fastening flanges, without connections)
Test mark: CE, e-test (EMV/car directive)
Scope of delivery: Operating instructions, cover for battery connections
Temperature range: -20 / +50 ° C


Also available in boats with the electronics protected from moisture!

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