VOTRONIC Automatic Charger PB 1220 SMT 2B

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The Automatic Charger PB 1220 SMT 2B from Votronic (MPN 3101) is a modern battery charger for mobile use. It has charging programs for gel, AGM, acidity and modern lithium batteries and is designed for 12V battery voltage. The charging current at the main exit is 20a. In addition, there is a side charging output for the starter battery, which can also deliver 2A charging current. The device is suitable for batteries with a capacity of 80 AH - 145 Ah.

Important features of the PB 1220 SMT 2B battery cador

Reliably charges gel, AGM, acid and Lifepo4 battery 20a charging current, 2A charging current at the side charging output Official Votronic part number: 3101 Battery capacity (recommended): 80 Ah - 145 Ah Load options: 1 supply and 1 starter battery The charging voltage is free of tips and regulated so that an overload of the batteries is excluded. Fully automatic operation: The charger can be constantly connected to the battery and keeps it in full load. In the event of a network failure, the batteries will not be unloaded (separation by security switch). Lithium LIFEPO4-MAINTENANCE, Auto Wake Up, maintenance phase: Regular automatic activation of the battery cell balancing every 10 days to ensure the full load of the battery. Lead battery regeneration with long downtimes twice a week against harmful acidic layers. Parallel and buffer operation: With simultaneous consumption, the battery is charged or fully received. The adaptation of the loading times calculates and monitors the charger automatically. Monitoring-free charge: Multiple protection against overload, overheating, overvoltage, short circuit, polarity, misconduct and battery recharge through electronic stop to the complete separation of charger and battery with built-in safety switch. Connection for battery temperature sensor (accessories temperature sensor 825, item no. 2001): In the case of lead batteries (acidity, gel, AGM), the charging voltage is automatically adjusted to the battery temperature, causes a better in cold Full loading of the weaker battery, in summer temperatures, unnecessary battery absorbing and thus battery stress is avoided. With LIFEPO4 batteries, the battery temperature sensor is required for the function: it serves battery protection at high and especially at low temperatures below 0 ° C. Silent Run function: At the push of a button noise-optimized way of working (night operation). Power supply function: enables consumers to be supplied without a battery (e.g. battery change). Charging cable compensation: Tension losses on the charging cables are automatically excavated. Construction network filter: Problem-free parallel operation with solar systems, wind and benzingen generators, alternators etc. on a battery. Charging aid for low -level lead batteries: gentle invitation to the (lead -acid, -gel, -gm) battery up to 8 V, then powerful support of the battery with any still switched on consumers. Separation of the B -batteries in the event of a power failure, overheating, misconduct (safety switch per charging output). Separate side charging output "S" for the support and maintenance charge of the vehicle starter battery.

Overview of the loading programs of the PB 1220 SMT 2B

"Gel": charging program for gel batteries, characteristic Iu1ou2ou3 tailored to closed, gas-density gel/dryfit batteries with a defined electrolyte, which generally need a higher loading level and longer U1 holding times to achieve short loading times with particularly high capacity storage and one to avoid long-term battery "starvation".

"AGM": charging program for AGM/fleece batteries, characteristic Iu1ou2ou3 intended for loading closed, gas-density AGM (absorbent glass-mat) batteries in lead-fleece technology, which is a particularly high U1 level with coordinated holding times need for full charging and then a moderate U2 level to keep charging (plate and round cells technology).

"Universal": charging program for lead-acid/wet/AGM batteries, characteristic line iu1ou2ou3 universal program for loading and loading acid batteries in vehicles (mixed mobile/stationary). And good acid mixture for open and closed, low-maintenance, maintenance-free standard, drive, lighting, solar and heavy duty batteries, as well as AGM batteries with a normal U1 level.

"LIFEPO4": charging program for lithium batteries, characteristic Iu1ou2ou3 charging program matched to lithium-lifepo4 batteries with its own BMS and prescribed or built-in protective circuit. Lifetime advantageous charging level of 50-80% and also buffers 12 V consumers and the vehicle starter battery. In addition, a regular Auto Wake Up function activates the batteries cell balancing.

Scope of delivery:

1x Votronic 3101 PB 1220 SMT 2B battery charger

1x operating instructions (German)


Technical specifications:

 Network voltage (network frequency 45 - 65 Hz) 110 V - 230 V
 Network function voltage area, all types 85 V - 270 V, briefly 305 V (5 seconds)
 Network voltage area for full charging power 180 V - 270 V
 Network performance max. 330 W
 Network performance recording at loading management 1.9 W
 Active sinus-shaped power factor correction (Cosphi <= 1) Yes
 Charging current approx. 110 V network voltage 18 A
 Main charging output battery I
 Battery native voltage lead/lifepo4 battery 12 V / 12 V-13.3 V
 Selectable charging programs lead gel/AGM/acidity, lifepo4 4
 Battery capacity (recommended) 80 Ah - 145 Ah
 Battery capacity (after application, e.g. Lifepo4) 50 Ah - 230 Ah
 Charging current main load, i-phase, 8 V to U1; 0-15.5 h 20 A
 Loading/buffer/load current, regulated U1-U2-U3 phase 0 a - 20 a
 Minimum battery voltage for the start of the load 0 V
 Preliminary flow, lowest -download batteries 0 V - 8 V 10.0 a
 Return current made of battery (power failure) <0.5 MA
 Reset voltage (30 sec), battery type dependent 12.75 V / 13.25 V
 Charging stress limit (protection of affiliated consumers) 15.0 V
 External overvoltage shutdown (20 sec) 15.5 V
 Tension <30 MV RMS
 Charging timer 4-fold
 Group/short circuit/back load/safety protection Yes
 Safety timer per loading phase I-/U1-/U2- Yes
 Lead battery regeneration with a long service life, 2x aw. 1 H Yes
 Lifepo4 car Wake Up at a long time, 10 daily 0.5 h daily Yes
 or Lifepo4 lithium rest conservation (seasonal company) Yes
 Input for battery temperature sensor Yes
 Power supply operation (e.g. further supply for battery changes) Yes
 2. Sideline Vehicle Starter Battery II (registration output network)
 Battery native voltage (lead) 12 V
 Charging current or resilience as a registration output 0 a - 2 a
 Group/short circuit/back load/safety protection Yes
 Connection for remote control automatic charger Yes
 Device installation position any
 Temperature range -20 / +45 ° C
 Speed ​​-controlled, temperature -controlled fan Yes
 Gradual delegation of the charging capacity at over temperature Yes
 Safety shutdown at overheating Yes
 Fan noise lowering, night operation (Silent Run) Yes
 Protection class / protection class I / IP21
 Dimensions, Dimensions including fastening flanges/feet, without connections 228 x 139 x 74 mm
 Weight 1280 g
 Ambient conditions, humidity Max. 95 % RF, not condensing
 Safety regulations EN 60335-2-29
 Scope of delivery: network cable, operating instructions

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