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Multi-panel system For motorhomes in 3 different versions

The Votronic Power Control (VPC for short) is an innovative multi-panel system for motorhomes that combines the most important functions and information in one device. The information is shown via a light, white illuminated graphic display. The large -scale values ​​can be read excellently in all lighting conditions, even from a greater distance. Colored light emits signal the selected function at any time. The individual versions differ in their range of functions, which is designed for the specific requirements of the different vehicle types. While the version Jupiter, for example, leaves almost nothing to be desired with regard to energy supply and filling levels, the Mercury execution is particularly recommended for more compact vehicles, which often do not have any fixed tanks.

VPC Terra and Jupiter can also be covered with 3 tanks (e.g. indoor/outdoor tank, summer/winter operation, additional tank etc.). The individual switch 2xum are suitable for switching, e.g. switch panel 16 a s Art. 1289 or switch panel 2x16 a S Art.-No. 1291

All devices have at least one voltage display for the board and starter battery and a switching exit for an external relay as the main switch. A switch-off alarm provider (beer) on the panel and a note in the advertisement draw attention to this when an adjustable energy threshold has been below and the main switch is automatically switched off in a few seconds to prevent a deep discharge of the battery.

The three versions differ in the range of functions as follows:

  battery Solar Main tank pump Tempo Thermal Clock USB

 VPC Terra

Point Point Point Point Point - - - -

 VPC Merkur

Point Point Point - - - Point Point  Point

 VPC Jupiter

Point * Point Point Point Point Point - - Point


battery Voltage display in v
the on-board and start battery
With undervoltage protection for the on-board battery
Main Main counter For the on -board supply
About switching exit
(e.g. over Switch Unit 40 or Switch Unit 100)
battery * Only vpc jupiter with Smart shunt:
Battery computer for the on-board battery

(including battery voltage Start battery)
  • Battery voltage on board battery in V
  • Battery flow in A (+ = load / - = unloading)
  • Battery capacity in Ah and %
  • Remaining term in H until the programmed offset threshold is reached
Solar Solar computer for all votronic Solar controller From 2014 and VBCS Triple
  • Acute solar performance in W
  • Current solar power in A
  • Invited solar capacity in Ah
  • Invited solar energy in kWh
  • Values ​​Wh/kWh and AH are added, displayed and can be reset to "zero" individually.
tank Filler display in %
For fresh water and sewage tank
pump Switch for the Fresh water pump
Max. 16A (potential -free output)


Interior and outer thermometer in ° C
Including 1 temperature sensor

Time in 24-hour format

USB double charging port
5 V / 2.5 a
Tempo Thermometer/o'clock
Combined function for indoor and outside temperature in ° C including temperature sensors and time in 24-hour format.




Off -road

Device type Art.-
nominal voltage
On -board battery

Switching current
Max. [A]
Installation road
VPC Terra 1 5741 12 / 24 6 - 60 16 200 x 65 x 28 185 x 57 x 22
VPC Merkur 2 5744 12 6 - 60 - 200 x 65 x 30 185 x 57 x 24
VPC Jupiter 100 3 5747 12 13 - 60 16 200 x 65 x 30 185 x 57 x 24
VPC Jupiter 200 3 5748 12 13 - 60 16 200 x 65 x 30 185 x 57 x 24
VPC Jupiter 400 3 5749 12 13 - 60 16 200 x 65 x 30 185 x 57 x 24
Test mark: CE, e-test (EMV/car directive)
scope of delivery 1: Fastening screws, connection cable for votronic solar controller or VBCS triple 5m long, instructions
scope of delivery 2: Fastening screws, connection cable for votronic solar controller or VBCS triple 5m long,
2 temperature sensors (inside & outside), instructions
scope of delivery 3: Mess-Shunt 100 A, 200 A or 400 A included Smart shunt cover, Fastening screws,
1 connection cable 5m long for Votronic solar controller or VBCS triple and for smart shunt, 2 temperature sensors (inside & outside), instructions


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