Parking heater kit VW T5/T6 with Autoterm Air 2D (Planar 2D) PU-27 OLED Display

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Retrofit auxiliary heating at VW T5 / T6

With this underfloor installation kit for an Autoterm Air 2D (Planar 2D) Saxor heating, the original plant is used for this purpose - passenger side underground between the step and B pillar.

Is included:

  •  The heating itself,
  •  The installation lan for the underfloor assembly at the corresponding position in VW T5 / T6,
  •  All parts required to realize the air intake in the stepping level
  •  Adapter to use the original warm air channels from Volkswagen for the B-pillar on the warm air side.

In total, you get an almost original installation in the cleanest possible way.

The air-leading parts for the B-pillar are not included and must be ordered from the Volkswagen dealer. The costs for this should be less than EUR 150 (no guarantee on this information, since we cannot always keep an eye on the VW prices!). You can automatically receive a list of the required partial numbers by email after purchase.

Autermeitungen offeurers

The diesel parking heaters from Autoterm, which have become known under the name Planar 2D, are now called Air 2D.

They are the robust, proven heating for the camper self -building - installing yourself without loss of warranty and provided with e -test marks, which means you are safe in operation and do not need to be entered by the TÜV.

The simple technology can even be repaired in an emergency.


With an autoterm heating there is only one maintenance measure and it is also super simple: don't just let it run on the smallest level! If you operate the heating mainly in the low area, let it run every 1 - 2 weeks for half an hour to burn away from starting soot deposits. Complete!

Operation at large heights

The operation of diesel devices and engines is a problem at high heights. But not for the diesel heaters in our installation kits. They are equipped with a height kit that automatically adjusts the fuel injection to the changed air pressure conditions.

The altitude kit was tested under real conditions (on the Pitztaler glacier). However, our customers have now broken our height record and operated the heating at a height of over 5000 meters without any problems.

The following also applies here: when returning to a normal level over zero, the heating must get the opportunity to burn free!

What controls are there?

When ordering, you can choose between different control panels.

PU-5: A simple control panel that is controlled via a rotary control, by means of which you select a performance level. A separate temperature sensor (article number 16522) must be ordered to adjust a temperature control.

PU-27: This control panel has already integrated the temperature sensor. If the cable length of 1.80 m is not sufficient or if you want to assemble the panel at a location unsuitable for the temperature measurement, the separate temperature sensor can alternatively be used.

Comfort Control: The new, improved control panel for the Autoterm / Planar Sace heating. With three freely adjustable timers for any weekday, expanded heating modes (including thermostat mode), voltage monitoring and much more. Multifunctional bike with pleasantly handy rubber coating and OLED display. Smaller installation road, more comfortable use, more chic design.


remote control

A separate remote control can be used to control the heating. The wiring harness has an extra switching input that can be used for this.

The control can be carried out permanently by connecting the two cables of the switching input by switch or relay, then the heating runs until the connection is separated again). But you can also use an impulse of 0.5 to 3 s length. In this way, several control parts can be used - for example, switch on and regulate from the seat, later in bed via remote control without having to get up.

Technical specifications:

Operating voltage: 12 V
Heating power: 0.8 kW (min), 1.8 kW (max)
Air volume flow: 34 m³/h (min), 75 m³/h (max)
Fuel consumption: 0.1 l/h (min), 0.24 l/h (max)
Performance recording: 10 W (min), 29 W (max)

Scope of delivery:

  •  Heater 12 V
  •  Digital control panel (please select the desired variant)
  •  Low-no-no autoterm fuel pump "Extra quiet"
  •  Exhaust gas absorber (17 x 9 x 5 cm)
  •  Rubber holder dosing pump
  •  Dosier pump wiring harness
  •  Wiring harness
  •  Suction air hose with integrated silencer
  •  Heat protection hose
  •  End piece exhaust pipe + clamp
  •  Tank
  •  5.5 m fuel line
  •  Fuel bonds
  •  1 m exhaust gas reed tube metal
  •  Screws, nuts, clamps, shrink hose, cable ties
  •  operation manual

Attention fuel hose:

The scope of delivery includes fuel hose, which can be used as a “adapter” to connect the fuel line. The length is usually sufficient (parts if necessary). If you still need something of it, you can do the hose under the Article number 35612 Request as meters.

A T -piece for the fuel line is not included - the fuel removal can be realized if there is an existing cheater, in this case must Article number 17890 be ordered.


Length: 33 cm
Height: 12 cm + 2.5 cm connections
Depth: 12 cm
Weight of the heating without accessories: 2.86 kg

Additional options heating

T-piece fuel line / fuel line 8 x 5.3 x 8mm

T-piece fuel line / fuel line 5.3 x 5.3 x 5.3mm

Autoterm connection cable control element for 7m

Autoterm extension cable control element 3M

External temperature sensor with 5m cable

 Suction hose with filter for Autoterm Air 2D, 4D and Flow 5D

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