Offgridtec mPremium+ XXL 400W 12V with Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 Caravan Solar System 600W

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The Offgridtec mPremium+ series is a premium solar set for caravans and mobile homes. The expected daily output (April to October) is an average of 1600Wh/day (XXL 400W) or 2400Wh/day (XXL 600W) (depending on the selection) on sunny days in Germany). Thanks to the supplied MPPT solar charge controller, almost all common battery types such as 12V AGM, gel or modern lithium can be easily charged according to their design. The system can be conveniently analyzed and even configured from a smartphone or tablet using a free app. Since the mPremium+ series is a further development of the popular mPremium series and differs only in the charge controller used, you can look forward to system components that have been tried and tested a thousand times over and that will ensure the power supply of your mobile phone reliably for a long time.
Caravan complete set: simple, proven, high-quality
The set contains all the components you need to be able to charge your batteries on the go. The special thing about our solar systems for mobile homes: We use an extra solid mounting system that can simply be glued on. The module can be unscrewed from the spoiler at any time if you need to access the area under the solar module.
We also paid special attention to quality at the critical point, the cable duct into the interior of the mobile home. The supplied cable bushing is made from the same stable material as the roof spoiler for the solar modules and is simply glued on. The connection is completely waterproof and will last for many, many years.
Scope of delivery of the mPremium+ XXL caravan solar system
Offgridtec 200W MONO 40V - monocrystalline solar module (2x or 3x depending on selection)
Offgridtec 68cm ABS mounting profile white - for attaching the solar modules (2x or 3x depending on selection)
Offgridtec branch sockets Y -Plugs (pair) (depending on selection 2x or 3x)
1x Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 or Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/50
1x Offgridtec 1.5m 10mm² battery connection cable - with MIDI fuse holder
1x 8m Offgridtec solar connection cable 2x6mm²
1x Offgridtec roof duct 1-way white for cable 13-18mm
1x Dekalin Dekasyl MS-5 adhesive set white
Dekalin DEKAsyl MS-5 single cartridge white (depending on selection 1x or 2x)
MIDI fuse 40A/58V or MIDI fuse 60A/58V
additional for 600W variant: 4x 50cm MC4 connection cable 6mm²
competent help included if required!

All integrated system components at a glance
The Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 or MPPT 100/50
The Smartsolar 100/30 and 100/50 from Victron Energy is a MPPT solar charge controller with a maximum charging current of 30A or 50A for charging 12V and 24V batteries of various designs. Equipped with powerful charging algorithms and a Bluetooth-based communication interface, both charge controllers offer all the features you would expect from a modern high-end charge controller:
Integrated Bluetooth Smart: allows setup and monitoring with a smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device.
Ultra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT).
Advanced maximum power point detection in partial shading.
30A or 50A load output depending on selection.
BatteryLife: intelligent battery management through load shedding.
Automatic battery voltage detection.
Flexible charging algorithms and much more.
Overheating protection and load reduction at high temperatures.

The Offgridtec 200W MONO 40V solar module
In the production of our modules, only monocrystalline solar cells of the highest quality are processed. The module is particularly resistant to external influences (weathering, etc.).
The expected daily output (per 1 module from April to October): an average of 800Wh/day
Dimensions of the solar module: 1500mm x 680mm x 35 mm (HxWxD)

Professional solar mounting system
Spoiler profiles are the first choice, especially for caravans and mobile homes, when it comes to neatly attaching the solar modules. If you mount the modules in the direction of travel, wind noise is no longer an issue (this also applies to alcove vehicles). Thanks to the closed design of the spoiler, no branches or the like can get caught under the solar modules.
Dimensions spoiler: L x W x H: 68cm x 8.9cm (of which approx. 3cm contact surface module per spoiler) x 6.5cm.

The bonding
A correctly executed bond is superior to any screw connection in tough motor home or boat use. A strength of more than 4 N/mm2 can be achieved on painted or GRP surfaces. This would be a value calculated on the adhesive surface that would never be achievable with a screw connection in the thin aluminum or GRP carrier layer. This adhesive set enables even a layman to create an absolutely secure connection between spoilers and the respective surface.
The gluing set contains all the components necessary for even the do-it-yourself installer to create a professional connection. Stainless steel screws for attaching the solar modules are included, as are detailed gluing instructions. In addition, all you need is a commercially available hand lever press for cartridges and a lint-free cloth.

The ABS mounting profiles
Offgridtec 68cm ABS mounting profile
suitable stainless steel screws for attaching the module to the profile
1x Offgridtec ABS cable roof bushing for leading the solar cable from the vehicle roof into the interior
cable bushings from the roof into the interior always quite tricky, since it has to be ensured that even after years everything is absolutely tight and stays tight.
Because even the smallest ingress of water can often lead to irreparable damage to the interior insulation and furnishings. Especially since the moisture is often not noticed until it is quite late. For this reason, the roof ducts were developed: The housings are made of the same UV and weather-resistant material as the mounting brackets offered in the online shop. They are extremely stable and absolutely sure-footed. The wide adhesive edge ensures an optimal seal. The bushings are glued with the adhesive set that you also use to glue the solar mounting brackets. The housings can also be painted as desired and thus adapted to the surface on which they are to be attached

The professional cabling set
All necessary cables are delivered plug & play and are already pre-crimped with specialist tools. So you don't need to buy any special pliers for the MC-4 connectors.
Scope of delivery:
1x Offgridtec 4-01-014250-001 Offgridtec® mPremium+-XXL+ 400W 12V MPPT caravan solar system
1x operating instructions
1x Offgridtec 4-01-014250-002 Offgridtec® mPremium+-XXL+ 600W 12V MPPT caravan solar system
1x operating instructions

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