HOMYLES DTU Lite Data transfer unit Data logger microw interpreters for HM

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This data transmission unit is exclusively In combination with the hymiles HM-XXX inverters to use.
We set up the required user account only for systems that have been purchased from us.

The Hymiles Gateway DTU-Lite is a data transmission unit that captures information and data from microwores with the help of wireless 2.4G communication and transmits it to the Hymiles monitoring system S-Miles Cloud via WLAN technology.


Simple installation thanks to Plug and Play
Monitoring at the module level, with up to 4 solar modules
Data and alarms of microw replacements on S-Miles Toolkit in real time
Remote maintenance of the system via the S-Miles Cloud
Direct connection (USB port)

The data transfer unit DTU-Lite has a surveillance capacity for up to 4 solar modules. As a result, the system is ideal for small PV systems. The data and alarms can read the users easily and quickly at the module level. Long-distance operation and the remote maintenance of the PV system can be conveniently carried out at any time and from any location via the Hymiles S-Miles Cloud.

S-Miles Accoco

The S-Miles account can only be created via the DTUS dealer.

Technical specifications

Type: Proprietary 2.4 GHz protocol (Nordic)
Maximum removal (open terrain and depending on the installation environment): up to 150m
Limitation of the monitoring data of solar modules: 4
Signal: WLAN: 802.11b/g/n
Scanning: every 15 minutes
LED display
Local app: S-Miles Toolkit
Performance consumption type 1.0 W / max. 5.0 W
Input voltage: 5V
Ambient temperature range: -20 to +55 ° C
Dimensions (BXHXT): 143 x 33 x 12.5 mm
Weight: 0.1kg
Certificate: CE
Model of the microw interpreter: HM series
Scope of delivery:
1x Hoymiles DTU-Lite Data transmission unit

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