CS Lithium Lifepo4 Mover Power Pack 12.8V / 60AH / PB -EQ 120AH - ~ 8.6kg

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60Ah Lithium Mover Power Pack Battery

The Mover Power Pack Battery solves its maneuvering problems and also supplies your caravan with electricity with self -sufficient use. The LIFEPO4 battery lithium provides the required high current for powerful maneuvering up to 180 minutes. In addition, you have a safe supply function for lighting and inverter up to 1000W permanent output.

Top features:

  • Light weight, super light
  • Very high security
  • 100% maintenance -free
  • Replaces a 120Ah lead / gel / AGM battery
  • Persistent shunting operation
  • Additional power supply
  • More than 10 years of service life

The lithium power pack battery is the ideal power supply for your caravan with enormous weight savings. We also offer 4 different batteries to choose from, 20AH, 40AH, 60AH and 80AH. The larger the battery, the longer you can stand self -sufficient, the maneuvering performance is not affected.

More features:

  • Construction of the lithium battery with battery management system (BMS)
  • Deep discharge
  • Short -circuit -resistant / spotty -proof
  • Cell balancing
  • Load monitoring by frost-cell control
  • Overload
  • No risk of fire and explosion
  • Fixed assembly, no expansion for wintering necessary
  • 6 months off-line warehouse time

The lithium-iron phosphate battery can be installed in residential cars with existing charging technology if the installed charger can be converted to lithium or lead-acid as a battery type. The same applies to the loading via solar.

The battery cells are completely protected by the battery management system (BMS) built into the battery. This does not make the feared deep discharge.

MOVER TO PLATION THE MOVER with 750a peak electricity
Motor vehicle connection for electrical system with max. 100A permanent current / 750a lace
Motor vehicle connection for inverter with max. Peak1000W continuous output / 2000W peak output

Application for the following maneuvering systems possible:
Truma Mover SX, Truma Mover XT, Truma Mover XT2, Truma Mover XT4
Al-Ko Mammut 115/220, Ranger 115/226, Mammut M20
Rich Easydriver pro and active
Sanding aid GO2

The self-discharge of the Lithium Mover Power Pack Battery is very low compared to conventional batteries with 1-3% so that we only recommend disconnecting the battery for wintering.

Our batteries deliberately do not offer a Bluetooth interface. In order to avoid a long lifespan and an empty of the battery by small but constant consumers, we do not install a Bluetooth. The system works perfectly and is safely loaded by your charger. A status display purely via Bluetooths without a measurement shunt is also not exactly with lithium batteries, since the voltage drop as is not the case with the old lead technology.


Scope of delivery / The set consists of:
1 x lithium lifepo4 Power Pack 60AH / PB-EQ 120AH
1 x installation instructions

CE: General operational safety
Unt38.3: Certified transport security in traffic
Rohs: Certified material security
Warranty: 2 years

Technical specifications:
Model: CSX12120-060MSet
Type:Mover battery
Nominal capacity: 60Ah
Energy content: 720Wh
Cell technology: Lithium-iron nanophosphate lifepo4
Cell type: A123 Systems
Replaces one: 120Ah lead-gel-agm battery
Application: 12V maneuvering systems, power supply, short -term high -flow laserations
Application in parallel circuit: No
Application Series circuit: No
Operating voltage: 10.5 - 14.6V
Nominal voltage: 13.2V
Lifespan: => 10 years
Cycling time at 80% DOD: = 3000
Cycling time at 50% DOD: = 5000
Loading programs: CCCV
Load closing voltage: 14.6V
Maximum charging current: 60a
Permanent enthusiasm: 100a
Peak enthusiast (1 sec.): 750a (s)
Permanent inverter: 1000W
Maximum inver power: 2000W
Discharge tension: 10.5V
Temperature range (discharge): -20 ° C to +65 ° C
Temperature range (charge): 0 ° C to +50 ° C (BMS controlled)
Temperature range (storage): -20 ° C to +65 ° C
Battery management system (BMS): Yes, installed
Connection solar controller: Yes / 12-14.6V
Balancer: Yes, active balancer
Self -discharge: 1-2% / month
Installation position: any
Connection: Standard vehicle pole terminal / polar order 0
Weight: 8.6kg
Dimensions (BXTXH): 355 x 175 x 189 mm

Light, strong, mobile, self -sufficient and safe!

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