Autoterm Air 2D (Planar) 12V Comfort Control 83mm

Bedienelement: Comfort Control | Einbauflansch: 83mm | Spannung: 12V
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Installation kit with Autoterm Air 2D heater - Fits in 99% of camper cases

This set meets all the requirements of 99% of all campers. Also for larger touring vehicles up to approx. 16 cubic meters of heatable volume (volume without furniture!).

The idea is that the heating is used for continuous operation. This means that the heating is not switched off but continues to run at a low power level. Keeping a room at the right temperature uses significantly less energy than trying to heat up a cold interior in 30 minutes.

We assume that all vehicles are properly insulated and that in winter the driver's cab with its large, uninsulated windows is at least separated by a blanket.

Don't worry: The heater is designed for continuous operation and has no problem with it. In principle, you can drive off at home, turn on the heating and turn it off again in 4 weeks when you get home. The power consumption at the lowest level is 10 watts, which is less than the parking lights of your van.

Height kit / heating maintenance

The heater is equipped with an altitude kit, which means that it also works in the Nepalese mountains or in the Andes. But that doesn't mean it can't sooty! If you leave the high altitudes, run your heating at full power for an hour so that deposits can burn away.

The burn-off is also necessary if you only operate the heater at the lowest level for a long time. Set it to full power every 1 - 2 weeks at the latest so that the combustion chamber gets really hot again. This is the most important and at the same time the only maintenance measure on the heating.

The 99% kit consists of the following parts:

Our bestselling diesel parking heater: Autoterm Air 2D with 2 kW heat output and altitude kit for vehicles with 12V.

Technical data Autoterm Air 2D (formerly Planar 2D):

  • Operating voltage: 12V
  • Heat output: 0.8 kW (min), 2 kW (max)
  • Air flow rate: 34m³/h (min), 75m³/h (max)
  • Fuel consumption: 0.1ll/h (min), 0.24l/h (max)
  • Power consumption: 10W (min), 29W (max)
  • Hot air piping 60mm system

The complete installation kit for the heater is also included:

  • 12V heater
  • low-noise Autoterm fuel pump, "Extra Quiet"
  • Exhaust silencer made of stainless steel (17 x 9 x 5cm)
  • Rubber holder dosing pump
  • Dosing pump wiring harness
  • Heater wiring harness
  • Intake air hose with integrated silencer
  • Heat protection hose
  • Exhaust pipe end piece + clamp
  • Tank suction pipe
  • 5.5 m fuel line
  • Fuel line connector
  • 1 m metal corrugated exhaust pipe
  • Screws, nuts, clamps, shrink tubing, cable ties
  • Instruction manual

Also included:

Control panel depending on the selection:

PU-5: A simple control panel with rotary control. It controls the heating via power levels. A separately ordered temperature sensor can be connected, then the room temperature can be controlled with the PU-5.

PU-27: The digital control panel with OLED display has an integrated temperature sensor (cable length 1.8 m), but an external temperature sensor can also be used be connected if the control panel is installed in an unsuitable place (e.g. in a cabinet). Control via a fixed power level is also possible. The device has a timer function. Menu navigation in English and Russian.

Comfort Control: The new, improved control panel for the Autoterm / Planar parking heater. With three freely adjustable timers for any day of the week, extended heating modes (incl. thermostat mode), voltage monitoring and much more. Multifunction rotary wheel with a pleasantly non-slip rubber coating and OLED display. Smaller installation dimensions, more comfortable use, more stylish design.

Cable length heating control panel, approx. 1.80m

The cable length to the control panel in the manufacturer's scope of delivery is 1.80m. Various longer replacement cables or extension cables are optionally available.

mounting flange

Our built-in stainless steel flange that makes installing the heater simple, elegant and sexy.

It is sufficient to cut a rectangular hole (9 cm x 13 cm) in the vehicle floor to mount the heater flat and thermally decoupled. Then the tigerexped installation flange can be glued or screwed (please use a PUR sealing compound instead of silicone).

You can choose the size of the flange: For floors up to 48 mm (enough for most vans) or for 83 mm floor thickness (usually for cabins or high insulation and floor panels). The flange should be at least 5 mm longer than the floor is thick (for the sealing joint).

T-pieces for the fuel supply

2 different T-pieces (8 x 8 x 5.3 mm and 5.3 x 5.3 x 5.3 mm) to use your vehicle's original fuel system for the fuel supply, IF it is ensured that this works for the vehicle and heater (pressure, length of the return line, etc.) or if there is already an auxiliary heater whose tank extraction can be used.

If this is not possible or not safe, there is also a tank extraction pipe in the kit so that you can take the fuel directly from the fuel tank (usually the method of choice).

Attention fuel hose:

The scope of delivery includes a fuel hose as a line connector. The included length is usually completely sufficient (possibly shorten/divide pieces). If, contrary to expectations, you can't get by with it, you can reorder the hose by the meter.

Fuel filter

A fuel filter so that the heater always gets clean fuel. In the case of diesel from non-European countries or vehicles with rusty tanks, this is life insurance for the fuel pump of the heating system. Attention: Do not mount the filter horizontally, but at a slight angle so that the pump always sucks from the filled side of the filter!

Hot air pipe

The set also includes 3 meters of 60 mm warm air pipe. In 99% of the cases this is a well-measured need.

Warm air outlets / distribution

A suitable Y-piece and 2 vents 60 mm, rotatable, so that you can decide for yourself where you want to mount the two air outlets.

The right kit?!

The heating kit is suitable for vehicles with an interior of 12 cubic meters to 14 or a maximum of 16 cubic meters - depending on the insulation and furnishings, placement of the hot air outlet openings, personal temperature feeling and the climate in which you drive But e.g. for all VW transporters and up to H2L2, this heating should be sufficient for common travel destinations.

If you have a larger vehicle, don't want to isolate yourself or want to / have to do the balancing act between the Sahara and wintry Siberia, you've come to the wrong place!

In the VW T5 / T6, the installation site for an air heater is prepared at the factory, the 99% camper kit would be unsuitable here, we have another suitable T5/T6 installation kit.


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