VOTRONIC 3244 VBCS 45/30/350 CI triple combination device - charge/controller/converter

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With the Battery Charger VBCS Triple-CI, a completely new device combination was created, which consists of a Pb mains charger, VCC charging converter and MPP solar controller and ensures the energy supply in the mobile home. The batteries are always charged automatically, whether while driving or on the pitch. Above all, the generously dimensioned charging capacity of the integrated charging converter with 30A ensures that the on-board battery is charged with full charging current even on short journeys and is fully charged at the destination.

Pb mains charger with 30A

Mains operation, stationary operation at the external socket from the mains: The full charging capacity in the universal range of 110V AC - 230V AC without switching is available worldwide even with large deviations in the mains supply (under/overvoltage, sinusoidal shape, frequency). Efficient charging of the on-board battery and supply of the 12V consumers from the mains. Auxiliary charging branch 12V/ 4-5A for support and trickle charging of the vehicle (lead) starter battery during long periods of standstill. Thanks to the long-term charging characteristics, the device can be constantly connected to the grid (operational, winter break)

VCC charging converter with 45A

Charging converter, "B2B" operation, mobile operation from alternator and starter battery (battery to battery): The powerful charging converter (booster) enables the on-board battery to be fully charged while driving. It increases/reduces the voltage to the required level to It completely compensates for line losses and considerable voltage fluctuations in the alternator, such as those that occur constantly in Euro 6 vehicles, for example.The 12V consumers supplied are protected against overvoltage and voltage fluctuations.

MPP solar controller for max. 350Wp

Solar operation, "MPP" (Maximum Power Point): With MPP technology, the controller automatically determines the maximum power output (MPP) of the solar modules several times per second. The charging current gain of 10% - 30% ensures shorter charging times and the best possible utilization of the solar system's performance Gas to 12V operation.

Pulser operation, training for the on-board battery during charging breaks when there is no charging source:

  • Battery training protects the unused (lead) battery from rapid aging and failure due to sulphation during the winter, during seasonal operation or longer periods of standstill.


  • The charging voltage is peak-free and regulated in such a way that the batteries cannot be overcharged.
  • Fully automatic continuous operation: The charger can be constantly connected to the batteries and keeps them fully charged. If there is no charging source (power failure, engine stop, night) the batteries are not discharged.
  • Parallel and buffer operation: If the battery is consumed at the same time, it continues to be charged or is kept fully charged. The charging times are automatically calculated and monitored by the charger.
  • Supervision-free charging: Multiple protection against overload, overheating, overvoltage, short circuit, malfunction and reverse battery discharge through electronic regulation up to the complete separation of charger and battery.
  • Power supply function: Allows the consumers to be supplied without a battery (e.g. when changing the battery).
  • Built-in on-board network filter: Problem-free parallel operation with other charging sources (wind, motor and fuel generators) on one battery.
  • Charging cable compensation: Voltage losses on the charging cables are automatically corrected.
  • Connection for battery temperature sensor (included): With lead batteries (acid, gel, AGM), the charging voltage is automatically adjusted to the battery temperature Battery gassing avoided. LiFePO4 batteries: Battery protection at high and especially at low temperatures < 0°C. Highly recommended if the battery temperature can drop below 0°C during operation.
  • Automatic lead-acid battery regeneration twice a week during downtimes to prevent harmful acid stratification.
  • Charging aid for deeply discharged lead batteries: Gentle pre-charging of the (lead-acid, -gel, -AGM) battery up to 8 V, then powerful support for the battery if consumers are still switched on.
  • Ready-to-plug connection for optional LCD Charge Control S

technical features

  • Automatic battery regeneration
  • side loading branch
  • Remote control/display connection
  • Power limit function - mains/charging power reduction
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Voltage sensor (for very long charging lines)
  • Power supply function (battery change)
  • Battery capacity (size) adjustable
  • Silent run function (night setback)
  • Temperature sensor included


"GEL": Charging program for gel batteries Tailored to sealed, gas-tight gel/dryfit batteries with fixed electrolyte, which generally require a higher charging voltage level and longer U1 holding times in order to achieve short charging times with particularly high capacity storage and long-term battery life. to avoid starvation.

"AGM": Charging program for AGM/fleece batteries Intended for charging sealed, gas-tight AGM (absorbent glass mat) batteries in lead fleece technology, which have a particularly high U1 level with coordinated holding times for the full charge and then a moderate U2 level for trickle charging (plate and round cell technology).

"DIN 0510" charging program for lead-acid/wet batteries General DIN characteristic for charging and maintaining charge of open and closed lead-acid batteries with removable cell plugs and the option of checking and correcting the acid level (maintenance). Can also be used for closed batteries as they require little maintenance , maintenance-free, low in antimony, silver-alloyed, calcium, etc. with low or very low water consumption. With a high U1 level, it offers short charging times, a high charging factor and high acid mixing, even in stationary (stationary) use (acid stratification) with "wet" drive, Lighting, Solar, Heavy Duty and Standard Batteries.

"UNIVERSAL": Charging program for lead-acid/wet/AGM batteries Universal program for charging and maintaining the charge of acid batteries in vehicles (mixed mobile/stationary). With a medium U1 level, it still offers short charging times, a good charge factor and good acid mixing for open and closed, low-maintenance, maintenance-free standard, drive, lighting, solar and heavy-duty batteries, as well as AGM batteries with a normal U1 level.

"LiFePO4": Charging program for lithium batteries Charging program tailored to lithium LiFePO4 batteries with their own BMS and prescribed or built-in protective circuit. When the vehicle is parked (seasonal operation), a special rest condition automatically keeps the LiFePO4 battery at a charge level of 50-80%, which is advantageous for the service life, and also buffers 12V consumers and the vehicle starter battery. In addition, a regular auto wake-up function activates battery-cell balancing.

Key technical data VBCS 45/30/350 Triple-CI

Mpp dual charge controller

Solar panel power: 50-350Wp

Module current max: 21.0A

Module voltage (Voc) max.: 36V

Board/starter battery charging current max.: 25.5/5 A

mains charger

Operating voltage: 110-230V AC 45.65Hz (worldwide)

Max power consumption: 520W

Board / starter battery charging current max: 30/5 A

12V/12V battery to battery VCC charging converter

Charging power on-board battery max.: 45A

Automatic activation D+ / ignition

Starter battery/LiMa voltage range (Euro6)/max. current: 11-16V/63 A

Scope of delivery:

1x Votronic VBCS 30/20/250 Triple CI Battery Charger 3246

1x temperature sensor

Also available in boat version with moisture-proof electronics !

Technical specifications

mains operation
Nominal operating voltage (AC) in [V] 110 to 230 / 45 - 65 Hz worldwide
Operating voltage range (AC) in [V] 90 - 270 (full charge power)
Max. power consumption (AC) in [W] 520
Charging capacity board/starter battery max. [A] 30.0 / 4.0
Switching output for engine start lock Yes
power limit function Yes
12 V / 12 V B2B charging converter operation
Charging power board battery max. [A] 45
Automatic activation D+ / ignition Yes
Starter battery/LiMa voltage range (Euro 6) in [V] / max. current [A] 10.5 - 16.0 / 63
Limit II max. current limitation (adjustable) in [A] 48
MPP solar charge controller operation
Solar module power (Pmax) in [Wp] 50 - 350
Solar module current max. [A] 21.0
Solar module voltage (Voc) max. [V] 36
Charging current board / starter battery max. [A] 25.5 / 5.0
Switch output AES refrigerator Yes
starter battery
Nominal voltage [V] / capacity min. [Ah] recommended 12 / > 80
Board battery, IU1oU2oU3
Nominal voltage lead / LiFePO4 [V] 12 / 12.0 - 13.3
Battery capacity, adjustable [Ah] 68-420
Device installation position any
Temperature range [°C] -20 to +45
Degree/class of protection IP 21
Dimensions (WxHxD) in [mm] - Dimensions including mounting flanges, without connections 217x85x250
Weight [g] 2,850
Ambient conditions, humidity: max. 95% room humidity, non-condensing
Scope of delivery: power cable, 1 temperature sensor, operating instructions