VOTRONIC solar charge controller SR 140 Duo Digital

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Note that the solar charge controller may only be used with solar panels up to the maximum power specification (Wp) and below the maximum permissible voltage (Voc). In addition, the controller is not suitable for input connection (+/- solar panels) of wind, water, fuel or motor generators, power supplies, batteries or other power sources.

Solar controller for mobile homes, caravans and boats. The solar controller is specially designed for use in mobile homes and caravans and is suitable for all lead battery types and brands (acid, GEL/dryfit, AGM/fleece and LiFePO4 batteries). The batteries are optimally charged with IU1oU2 characteristics through intelligent microprocessor control. The solar controller works fully automatically and maintenance-free and offers the following functions:

  • Charging output board battery I, depending on the battery type (lead or LiFePO4) optionally 3 or 5 charging programs.
  • Starter battery charging output II: Separate auxiliary charging output with reduced charging current (12 V / 0.8 A or 1.5 A) for support charging and trickle charging of the vehicle starter battery with protection against overcharging during long periods of standstill.
  • The charging voltage is peak-free and regulated in such a way that the batteries cannot be overcharged.
  • Two battery charging outputs: Automatic charging of the main or on-board battery (board I). Support charging and trickle charging of the vehicle starter battery (Start II) with protection against overcharging.
  • Charging without supervision: Standard protection against reverse battery discharge (if the solar power is too low, e.g. at dusk, at night, etc.), against overloading and overheating.
  • Buffer operation: Adherence to the charging characteristics even when operating with consumers on the battery at the same time.
  • Overcharge protection: Reduces the charging current of the battery when there is too much solar power and the battery is full, ensures that the battery is as charged as possible when power is consumed by immediately recharging.
  • "IU1oU2" charging characteristic: Defined charging voltage increase (U1) prevents harmful acid stratification and ensures equalization charging of the individual battery cells, followed by automatic trickle charging (U2).
  • On-board network filter: Built-in, allows the controller to be operated in parallel with other charging sources, wind and petrol generators, mains chargers, alternators etc. on one battery without any problems.
  • Connection for temperature sensor: Automatic adjustment of the charging voltage to the battery temperature. When it is cold, the weaker battery is better fully charged, and unnecessary battery gassing is avoided in summer temperatures.
    Highly recommended if the battery is exposed to strong temperature fluctuations, e.g. B. in the engine compartment.
  • Charging cable compensation: Voltage losses on the charging cables are automatically corrected.
  • Measurement output for EBL (electric block of the vehicle): Enables the convenient use of the (solar) current display built into the electroblock to control the solar system.
    Please make sure to check the compatibility of your Schaudt electroblock (EBL) and the corresponding control and display panel in advance, as we cannot assume any liability for this.
  • Switching output "AES" (only SR 330-Duo Dig. and SR 530-Duo Dig.): If there is a lot of excess solar power, causes the ELECTROLUX/DOMETIC refrigerators to switch over automatically with "AES" (Automatic Energy Selector). Gas to 12V operation.
  • Ready to connect the Votronic solar display devices LCD-Solar Computer S for optimal control of the system.

Also available in boat version with moisture-proof electronics!

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Technical data

Battery nominal voltage (AC) in [V] 12
Solar module power max [Wp] 140
Solar module current max. [A] 9.0
Solar module voltage max. [V] 28
Charging current batt. I / II max. [A] 9.0 / 0.8
charging curve IU1oU2
Adjustable battery type Acid, Gel, AGM, LiFePO4
Own consumption in [A] 0.004
overcharge protection yes
Backflow lock (night mode) yes
On-board network filter yes
Number of charge outputs 2
Protection against overload, overheating, reverse polarity yes
Temperature sensor connection yes
Compensation for voltage losses on the charging cables yes
Connection LCD solar computer S yes
EBL solar power display output yes
Temperature range [°C] -20 to +45
Dimensions (WxHxD) in [mm] - Dimensions including mounting flanges, without connections 131x40x77
Weight [g] 150
Standards (CE)
Ambient conditions, humidity: max. 95% room humidity, non-condensing
Scope of delivery: operating instructions