VOTRONIC 3156 MobilPOWER inverter SMI 300-NVS sinus with Schuko socket / mains priority circuit

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Votronic 3156 MobilPower SMI NVS 300 inverter 12V DC / 230V AC are used in special vehicles, high-quality motorhomes and other areas in which high quality and reliability are required and which are additionally equipped with a mains priority circuit.

Even when you're on the road, you don't want to do without the comforts of everyday life. Electrical devices not only increase the level of comfort in the mobile home, they also determine the equipment in the ambulance or fire engine, regardless of whether it is sensitive medical equipment, a notebook, power tools or the beloved espresso machine. All these devices require 230 V mains voltage, which is provided by an inverter from the on-board battery.

The devices work according to the latest technology in clocked design ("switch mode"). A compact design could be realized through microprocessor control in connection with modern SMD technology noise- and friction-optimized smooth-running fans (speed-controlled) ensure perfect cooling and thus problem-free continuous operation even at full power.Integrated protective circuits also monitor the thermal and electrical load as well as overload and short-circuits of the output circuit.The inverters have an intelligent Power saving control with automatic switch-off. It ensures that no more power is consumed when idling than is absolutely necessary. To protect the batteries, undervoltage protection is integrated, which switches off the inverter when the battery voltage has dropped.

As a special feature, the MobilPOWER Inverter Sinus -NVS are equipped with an integrated mains priority circuit. The advantage of this network switching is that z. B. all existing sockets on board a mobile home can continue to be used when shore power is applied. The inverter switches off and the external power is switched directly to the existing vehicle sockets. If there is no longer any shore power available, the inverter is simply started and from now on supplies the internal vehicle sockets again.

Technical highlights of the MobilPower series from Votronic

  • Output with mains voltage quality (pure sine wave)
  • integrated mains priority circuit
  • Uncompromising and problem-free, trouble-free operation of all mains-powered devices, e.g. PC, air conditioning, coolers, power tools (drill, angle grinder, etc.), TV, SAT, TFT, microwave, fully automatic coffee machine, hair dryer, fan, lights, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, etc.
  • The control panel can be rotated 360° on the device and can also be placed anywhere in the vehicle as an external remote control (5m connection cable included)
  • Switch mode technology, compact, light, robust and reliable, briefly overloadable
  • Low power consumption, selectable power saving mode:
  • - continuous operation
  • - Automatic stand-by with automatic search for switched-on consumers
  • - OFF
  • Automatic shutdown in case of battery over/under voltage, overload, overheating etc.
  • Performance and temperature-controlled comfort cooling fan with infinitely variable speed control

Technical data

Nominal battery voltage (DC) in [V] 12
Output voltage (AC) in [V] 230 pure sine
output frequency 50 Hz quartz stabilized
Efficiency > 93%
Consumer CosPhi anything goes
Output power duration in [W] 300
Output power short / peak in [W] 420 / 600
Minimum battery capacity (recommended) in [Ah] > 60
Current consumption (DC) at nominal power in [A] 27.5
Battery overvoltage max [V] 16
Min. battery undervoltage in [V] 10.5
Own consumption in [W] 4 (switched on, no load)
Self-consumption in standby in [W] 3 (no load)
battery connection cable 4mm2, 1.2m
Temperature range [°C] -20 to +45
Degree/class of protection IP 21
Dimensions (WxHxD) in [mm] - Dimensions including mounting flanges, without connections 160x71x305
Weight in [g] 1800
Standards (CE) EN 60950
Ambient conditions, humidity: max. 95% room humidity, non-condensing
Scope of delivery: 5 m connection cable for control unit, battery connection cable, mains cable, operating instructions