VOTRONIC LCD voltmeter S

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The exact measurement of the on-board voltage provides security, since the battery voltage can provide initial information about the battery's state of charge. Harmful deep discharges of the on-board battery are also recognized immediately and can be remedied by charging immediately. Unusually strong voltage dips when the consumers are in operation usually indicate an aged battery. Excessive charging by unregulated chargers or other unsuitable charging sources can be detected and thus avoided.

This digital measuring device displays the voltage of the on-board battery and the starter battery. The voltages are presented as precise numerical values. The additional bar display works in the range from 10.5 to 15 volts and thus shows the most interesting range of the battery voltage from deep discharge to the maximum charging voltage clearly and at a glance. When installing the device, a one-time switch to 12V or 24V operation set. With 24V operation, the range then corresponds to 21.0 to 30.0 volts. A mixed operation of eg 24V starter circuit and 12V supply circuit is also possible, as this setting is made separately for the starter and on-board battery. The connection is made using screw terminals on the back of the device. In keeping with the VOTRONIC module system, the LCD voltmeter S lines up with the other display modules both optically and mechanically (uniform height 85 mm) and the low installation depth of just 22 mm allows installation at almost any point. If required, the display can be backlit in white (can be switched) and is very easy to read, even from greater distances and in all lighting conditions.

Also available in boat version with moisture-proof electronics !

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Technical specifications

device type Art.-
operating voltage
(can be switched off)
max [mA]
measuring range
(W x H x D)
LCD voltmeter S 1256 12 and 24 1 30 8 - 32 80x85x25 70
47x85x20 25
Measurement resolution: 0.1V
Approval: CE, E-test (EMC/Automotive Directive)
Scope of delivery: Fixing screws, operating instructions, drilling template