VOTRONIC LCD Charge Control S-VCC (only for charging converter VCC)

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Display unit for the charging booster from the VCC series

The VOTRONIC charging booster VCC ensures optimal and fast charging of the supply battery from the alternator while driving. In contrast to the simple isolating relay, the charging voltage is increased to the value that is necessary for full charging for the respective battery type and is required by the battery manufacturers. In this way, the full charging current can flow and charge considerable amounts of current into the battery in a short time. Long charging lines and losses are properly regulated, as are voltage fluctuations on the alternator.

The LCD display and control panel specially designed for this charging unit shows all important device information.
The LCD Charge Control S-VCC is a comfortable, easy-to-use control and operating element that displays the status of the individual charging sources, the current charging phase, the voltage of the on-board and starter battery and the current charging current.
The large, clear display has an illuminated and easy-to-read display with very low power consumption.
It can be easily retrofitted at any time via the plug and play connection, and can be installed almost anywhere thanks to its compact design.

The product has the following features:
  • Compatible with VOTRONIC charging booster VCC (1212 series except 1212-25 and 1212-45)
  • Large, clear display
  • Bright white backlit display
  • Checking the charging function
  • Display of the battery charging phases
  • Voltage and charging current displays

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