VOTRONIC 3309 VCC 2412-45 Li 24V/12V galvanically isolated charging converter / B2B / charging booster

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  • High charging capacity even for short journeys
  • Significantly improved energy balance of the supply circuit
  • Excellent protection of the supply battery and the consumers connected to it against the sometimes very strong voltage fluctuations of dynamically controlled alternators in newer vehicles
  • For longer journeys, the IU1oU2 charging technology achieves a full charge and prevents overcharging
  • Optimal charging characteristics for 4 battery types adjustable by battery selector switch (gel, acid/AGM1, AGM2, LiFePO4)
  • Automatic, adjustable charging power ensures that the starter battery is primarily charged by the alternator when the vehicle's on-board network is heavily loaded, thus ensuring that the vehicle can be started again immediately
  • In the case of simultaneous consumption in parallel and buffer operation, the battery continues to be charged or is kept fully charged. The charging converter automatically calculates and monitors the adjustment of the charging times.
  • Built-in temperature compensation automatically adjusts the charging voltage to the battery temperature independently of the alternator and also enables charging outside the recommended LiFePO4 battery temperatures below 5°C or above 35°C; Battery temperature sensor item 2001 is included
  • Easy installation, no intervention in the vehicle's starter circuit required, device is connected to the charging line to the supply battery.
  • Safety protection and protection against reverse polarity, short circuit and reverse discharge
  • Connection for remote control Art. 2075, remote operating indicator IP67 Art. 2081 or Charger State Monitor IP67 Art. 2082
  • Also prepared for operation with EBL (electroblock) and EVS (only VCC 1212-25 IUoU-Li and VCC 1212-45 IUoU-Li).
  • Integrated on-board power supply filter enables problem-free parallel operation with solar systems, mains chargers and other charging sources on one battery
  • Galvanic isolation between input and output ensures excellent suppression of interference through absolute separation of the battery circuits, clean ground conditions on both sides even with long supply lines, safety in the event of a fault (no breakdown 12V/24V or 24V/12V possible) and reliably avoids unwanted reverse discharge of the battery circuits
  • Switching input for fully automatic operation (ignition, D+ engine running) or optionally controlled manually by a remote switch
  • Measuring input also enables pure voltage control of the device if required
  • The scope of the device also extends to clean battery charging further away from the alternator in large vehicles, trailers, supply containers, etc.

Also available in boat version with moisture-proof electronics!

Technical data

Input from vehicle starter battery "+ IN Start"
Vehicle starter battery nominal voltage 24V
Battery capacity (size), at least recommended 60Ah
Input voltage range (EURO 6 +), D+ controlled 22 - 32V
Input Over Voltage Shutdown (EURO 6+), max. 32.2V
Power consumption max. 740W
Current consumption (at the lowest input voltage) max 30A
Current consumption stand-by / OFF (terminal 15 or D+ without signal) 0.11A / 5mA
Charging output on board supply battery "+ OUT board"
Battery nominal voltage 12.8V - 13.2V
Battery capacity recommended / up to 90-300/400Ah
Charging current main charger, I-phase, 8 V to U1, 0-15h 45A
Charging/buffer/load current, regulated U1-U2 phase 0 - 45A
Selectable charging programs LiFePO4 4
Minimum battery voltage for charging start 0V
Pre-charging current (battery deeply discharged <8V), max. 22.5A
Reverse current from battery, OFF (terminal 15 or D+ without signal) 0A
Reset voltage LiFePO4 (30sec) 12.75V
Charging voltage limit (consumer protection) 15.00V
External overvoltage shutdown (20sec) 15.20V
Voltage ripple <30mVrms
Input for battery I temperature sensor yes
Load timer 3x
reverse polarity/short circuit/back discharge/safety protection yes
Overcharge Protection yes
Safety timer for each charging phase I / U1 yes
EBL START In, EVS measurement input / charge output <30mVrms
Charge/trickle charge for 12 V starter battery 0...3A
Device installation position any
Temperature range -20 to 45°
Speed-controlled, temperature-controlled fan yes
Gradual curtailment of the charging power in the event of excess temperature yes
Overheating safety shutdown yes
Dimensions, including mounting flanges and clamps (LxWxH) 245x160x71mm
weight 1700g
Ambient conditions, humidity: max. 95% room humidity, non-condensing
Scope of delivery: temperature sensor, operating instructions