VOTRONIC fresh water tank display S

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fuel gauges

for fresh water, waste water and holding tanks



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Fresh water tank indicator p 5311 12 and 24 1 - 30 47x85x20 29x63x18 25 A
Waste water tank display p 5313 12 and 24 1 - 30 47x85x20 29x63x18 25 B
faecal tank display p 5315 12 and 24 1 - 30 47x85x20 29x63x18 25 C
Approval: CE, E-test (EMC/Automotive Directive)
Scope of delivery: Fixing screws, operating instructions, drilling template

The VOTRONIC tank displays were designed for precise level measurement and can be used for all tank materials and tank sizes. They differ in the arrangement of the three-color display LEDs at the ends of the range and in the symbols printed on the front panel.

The fill levels of the tanks are displayed as clear light bars, each with 10 light-emitting diodes in three colors, which allows the tank fill levels to be recorded precisely at a glance. The displays work steplessly, since intermediate statuses are displayed with variable brightness and thus tendencies can be recognized immediately. When filling and emptying the containers, the constantly rising or falling display gives the user a direct image of the current filling level and thus enables complete control of the process. The continuous operation of the display also contributes to this. The display can be switched on and off at the push of a button or switches off again automatically after approx. 10 minutes.

The display devices are designed as a panel version to match the VOTRONIC modular system and can be optimally lined up with other VOTRONIC display devices (uniform height 85 mm). Of course, it is also possible to retrofit a single display in the vehicle. Small front panel dimensions and the particularly low installation depth of only 18 mm allow installation at almost any point. The storage space behind it can therefore continue to be used.

The devices are protected against reverse polarity and overload and are easy to connect via screw terminals on the rear of the device. Installation and operating instructions as well as a drilling template for the furniture cut-out are included in the scope of delivery. Like the encoders, the displays are also suitable for 12V and 24V operation.

Depending on the application and tank, one of the VOTRONIC tank sensors can be used:

  • Tank electrode 12-24 K
  • Tank electrode 15-50 K
  • Tank electrode 20 K-WC
  • Tank sensor FL
  • Tank sensor 30-110 K-FL

The display devices can each be assigned 2 tanks (e.g. indoor/outdoor tank, summer/winter operation, additional tank, etc.). Individual switches 2xUM are suitable for switching, eg switch panel 16 AS item no. 1289 or switch panel 2x16 AS item no. 1291

Previous sensors, tank transmitter sets and tank probes, worked according to the conductive measuring method (conductivity) and are no longer suitable due to the 7-stage measurement and for continuous operation on the tank displays.

Also available in boat version with moisture-proof electronics !

Delivery time: 1-3 working days