Votronic 13078 Battery Protector 100 Marine 12V 24V 100A battery monitor

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The VOTRONIC Battery Protector 100 (13078) Marine with moisture-protected electronics is connected between the supply battery and consumers and is suitable for all lead battery types (acid, gel, AGM) and brands. The 13078 model is ideal for use on boats and yachts.

They protect the battery from dangerous total discharge and consumers and equipment from under and overvoltage and, controlled by an external switch, can also be used as a remote-controlled main battery switch.

Compared to the "normal" Battery Protector 40, the motor version already switches to undervoltage at 11.8V.

The reset to normal operation takes place automatically as soon as the voltage returns due to battery recovery or brief charging, e.g. B. has risen to 12.5 V. The shutdown can also be canceled manually using the "EMERGENCY ON" function. The Battery Protector 100 can be remotely controlled via the "Sensor +" terminal with a simple switch (1-pin ON / OFF). It thus becomes a powerful main battery switch. The EMERGENCY ON function can also be remote controlled

Key Product Features

  • High switching current 100 A, briefly overloadable up to 180 A; switchable to 12V / 24V vehicle electrical system
  • Intelligent automatic switching thresholds always calculates the correct "empty" switch-off point based on stored battery characteristic fields for safe protection of the battery with optimal capacity utilization, both with heavy consumers (low switching threshold with shorter response time) up to very small loads (e.g. " "secret" electricity consumers with response times over days/months with a high response threshold)
  • Optional operation with 3 specified switch-off thresholds (manually) adjustable
  • the higher setting values ​​maintain the ability to start emergency vehicles with only one battery circuit (according to DIN EN 1789)
  • Pre-alarm with visual (LED) and acoustic (beeper, can be switched off) display as well as a separate warning switching output (PNP, plus output 0.2 A) enables the user to take countermeasures in good time (e.g. switch off unnecessary consumers)
  • Solid battery screw connections for M6 cable lugs, protective caps included

Technical data

  • MPN 13078
  • with moisture-proof electronics
  • Operating voltage: 12V/24
  • Switching current (continuous/short): 100A/180A
  • Switching threshold undervoltage in 12V mode: 10.6V / 11.5V / 11.8V
  • Switching threshold undervoltage in 24V mode: 21.2V / 23V / 23.6V
  • Reset point undervoltage in 12V mode: 12.4V / 12.5V / 12.8V
  • Reset point undervoltage in 24V mode: 24.8V / 25V / 25.6V
  • Protection against overvoltage (off/on): 15.5V / 15V

Weight: 180 grams