VOTRONIC Automatic Charger VAC 1215M 3A

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Built-in mains chargers for emergency vehicles with very different usage cycles

Especially in rescue and emergency vehicles, the reliability of the batteries installed in the vehicle is crucial for the operational readiness of the vehicle. Above all, if many permanent consumers put a heavy load on the batteries, there is no time for recharging due to frequent use, or the charger is insufficiently matched to the batteries. In order to meet the special requirements of emergency vehicles, the VAC series was created in cooperation with vehicle and leading battery manufacturers.

Votronic charging technology has been used in professional emergency vehicles such as fire brigades, ambulances and coastguards for years! Quality - Made in Germany - !

The device electronics are protected against moisture and ensure safe operation in the event of strong temperature fluctuations. Permanent consumers connected to the vehicle electrical system (radio devices, charging cradle, etc.) are also supplied without impairing the charging process. The built-in charging current distributor also automatically supplies the starter battery with full charging current if required. When the vehicle is connected to the mains, the engine start lock can be activated via a message output.

The devices are supplied with a temperature sensor 825 to ensure that the batteries are optimally charged. The installation position is variable, thanks to a second device label included in the scope of delivery. Instead of a remote control, a waterproof LED display (see accessories) can be connected to the Remote Control connection socket, which indicates the operational readiness of the device on the outside of the vehicle.

Other special features at a glance:

  • Votronic products "Made in Germany"
  • High charging capacity even over short distances
  • Significantly improved energy balance of the on-board battery
  • Optimal charging characteristics for all battery types adjustable with battery selector switch (lead-acid, gel, AGM, lithium LiFePO4)
  • Suitable for all alternators
  • Automatic, adjustable power control ensures that the starter battery is primarily charged by the alternator when the vehicle electrical system is heavily loaded, thus ensuring that the vehicle can be started again immediately
  • Easy installation, no intervention in the vehicle's starter circuit required, device is connected to the charging line to the supply battery
  • Parallel operation to increase performance possible
  • Especially recommended for vehicles with the Euro 6 standard
  • temperature sensor 825 already included
  • The charging converters are also characterized by their compact design, low weight (high-frequency switching transformer, switch mode technology) and powerfully dimensioned power components. 6 operating displays provide information about the operating status of the device at any time.

Recommended accessories: Votronic remote control S (2075)

Technical data

Mains voltage (mains frequency 45 - 65 Hz) 110V-230V
Mains working voltage range, all types 85V - 270V, momentary 305V (5 sec)
Mains voltage range for full charging power 95V - 270V
Mains power consumption max. 240W
Current consumption (AC) max. 2.7A
Device switch stand-by 1.2W
Active sinusoidal power factor correction (CosPhi <= 1) yes
charging current approx. at 110V mains voltage 15A
Charging outputs battery I + II
Battery nominal voltage lead/LiFePO4 battery 12V / 12V-13.3V
Battery capacity I or I+II (recommended) 60Ah - 110Ah
Battery capacity I or I+II (depending on application) 38Ah - 170Ah
Charging current main charge total, I-phase, 8 V to U1; 0-15.5h 15A
Charge/buffer/load current, regulated U1-U2-U3 phase 0A - 15A
Automatic charging current distributor for batt. I / battery II yes
Minimum battery voltage for charging start 0V
Pre-charging current, deeply discharged batteries 0 V - 8 V 7.5A
Back current from battery (mains failure) <0.5mA
Reset voltage (30 sec), battery type dependent 12.75V / 13.25V
Charging voltage limit (protection of connected consumers) 15.0V
External overvoltage shutdown (20 sec) 15.5V
Voltage Ripple <30mVrms
Load timer quadruple
reverse polarity/short circuit/back discharge/safety protection yes
Safety timer for each charging phase I-/U1-/U2 yes
Lead battery regeneration in case of long standstill, 2x weekly. 1h yes
LiFePO4 auto-wake up for long periods of standstill, 10 days 0.5 h yes
or LiFePO4 lithium sleep float (seasonal use) yes
Manual lead-acid equalization charge, equalization, charging current 2.5A
Equalization, charging voltage/charging time limit max. 16.0V/1.5h
Main charging output battery I (master)
Selectable charge programs lead gel/AGM/acid, LiFePO4 8
Charge/buffer/load current, regulated IU1oU2oU3 phase 0A - 15A
Input for battery temperature sensor yes
Power supply operation (e.g. continued supply when changing the battery) yes
2. Charging output battery II (built-in charging current distributor, switchable)
8 charging programs optionally the same as battery I yes
or charging program for vehicle (lead) starter battery yes
Charge/buffer/load current, regulated IU1oU2oU3 phase 0A - 15A
3. Next to charging output III (mains signaling output)
Battery nominal voltage (lead) 12V
Charging current or load capacity as signaling output 0A - 2A
reverse polarity/short circuit/back discharge/safety protection yes
Connection for remote control Automatic Charger yes
Device installation position any
Temperature range -20/+45 °C
Speed-controlled, temperature-controlled fan yes
Gradual curtailment of the charging power in the event of overtemperature yes
Overheating safety shutdown yes
Fan noise reduction, night mode (Silent Run) yes
Protection class/degree of protection I / IP21
Dimensions - Dimensions including mounting flanges, without connections 205x160x72mm
weight 1250g
Ambient conditions, humidity max. 95% RH non-condensing
Safety regulations EN 60335-2-29
Scope of delivery power cable, 1 temperature sensor, operating instructions