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Victron SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 Bluetooth integrated

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The Smartsolar 75/15 from Victron Energy (MPN SCC075015060R) is a MPPT solar charge controller with 15A max. charging current for charging 12V and 24V batteries. In contrast to the Bluesolar 75/15, the Smart version has integrated Bluetooth, making the purchase of a Bluetooth dongle unnecessary. In addition, a VE.Direct connection is still available for communication with other Victron devices such as the Color Control GX or the MPPT Control.

The integrated Bluetooth in the SmartSolar series is the wireless solution to setup, monitor and update the controller using Apple and Android smartphones, tablets or other devices .

An overview of the most important technical properties

  • 15A max. charging current, suitable for 12V and 24V batteries
  • nominal PV power for 12V systems: 220W
  • nominal PV power for 24V systems: 440W
  • 15A load output
  • high peak efficiency of 98%
  • freely programmable battery charging algorithm (via the free Victron Connect APP)
  • Light dimming functions programmable (via the free Victron Connect APP)
  • Ultra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • max. PV open circuit voltage: 75V
  • Charging algorithm: multi-stage, adaptive
  • built-in bluetooth module

Ultra-fast maximum power point tracking

Especially when the sky is overcast, when the light intensity is constantly changing, an extremely fast MPPT controller improves the energy harvest compared to PWM charge controllers by up to 30% and up to 10% compared to slower MPPT controllers.

intelligent load output

A deep discharge of the battery can be prevented by connecting all loads to the load output. The load output disconnects the loads when the battery has been discharged to a specified voltage level. Alternatively, an algorithm for intelligent battery management can also be selected: see BatteryLife.

The load output is short-circuit proof.

Battery Life: intelligent battery management

If the solar charge controller is not able to charge the battery to its full capacity within one day, the battery status alternates between " partially charged" and "end of discharge" back and forth. This mode of operation (no regular full charge) will damage a lead-acid battery within a few weeks or months.

The Battery-Life algorithm monitors the state of charge of the battery and, if necessary, day by day it increases the threshold for disconnecting the load (i.e. the load becomes earlier disconnected) until the energy generated is sufficient to charge the battery to almost 100%. From this point, the threshold for switching off the load is modulated so that the charge is almost 100% about once a week.

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