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Victron PPP-40 Peak Power Pack 12.8V/40Ah 512Wh

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The PPP-40 12.8V 40Ah (MPN PPP012040000) from Victron Energy is a mobile lithium-ion storage solution based on intrinsically safe Li-FePO4 cells . With a rated capacity of 40Ah, the PPP-40 is the largest member of Victron's Peak Power Pack family. With a nominal voltage of 12.8V, the battery pack offers 512Wh of energy for on the go. In addition to a very low self-discharge, this power pack also shines with an excellent peak output current performance.

Important features of the peak power pack PPP-40 40Ah:

  • low weight of only 8.6 kg, therefore ideal for outdoor use
  • 40Ah (= 512Wh) storage capacity, 12.8V nominal voltage- integrated storage mode prevents excessive discharge during long-term storage
  • Output 1: integrated (maneuvering) high current output e.g. for maneuvering of small trailers
  • Output 2: Output for 12V DC power consumers with low power requirements (max. 30A)
  • based on the latest LiFePo4 cell technology
  • has a built-in charger for charging with 230V mains power
  • Input 1: can be operated by different DC power sources such as solar panels as long as they meet the power input specifications (see data sheet)
  • Input 2: 230V mains connection for charging like mains power
  • offers a high level of security even with improper use
  • resistant to deep discharge and insufficient charging
  • Charging via the vehicle battery at input 1 is also possible
  • Remote on/off and status display
  • VE.Direct connector for pairing with smartphone or computer (requires optional accessory)

Solid performance in solar and other applications?

Is excellent in applications where the charging current can be very irregular, as is the case in the solar sector, for example. Deep discharge and insufficient charging, or irregular cycles would quickly damage a conventional lead-acid battery. For the LiFePO4-based PPP-40 Peak Power Pack 40Ah, however, such use is not a problem.

Smart energy storage: VE.Direct compatible?

You can use the integrated VE.Direct connection to connect your Peak Powerpack 40Ah 12.8V to the optionally available Connect the Bluetooth Smart Dongle to your app-enabled smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, the VE.Direct to USB interface cable can also be connected to connect the power pack to the computer or notebook.

Important technical features of the PPP-40 40Ah 12.8V power pack:

  • Weight: 8.6 kg
  • Dimensions: 212 x 190 x 172 mm
  • Supervision and control: by means of the supplied push button with 2 leds
  • Communication: via integrated VEDirect connector

Scope of delivery:

1x Victron Energy Peak Power Pack PPP-40 12.8V 40Ah 512,Wh, MPN PPP012040000

1x mounting strap

1x power adapter

1x power cable

1x push button with cable (2 m) and two-color LED

1x operating instructions


8.6 kg


Victron Energy

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LiFePO4 battery