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Victron Orion 24/12-70 DC DC Converter 24V to 12V 70A 840W

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The Victron Orion 24/12-70 (MPN ORI241270020) is a modern DC DC converter and ensures a regulated DC voltage and thus trouble-free operation of your DC consumers.

The 24/12-70 converts 24V DC to 12V DC and delivers a constant continuous current of 70A which corresponds to a power of 840W. Compared to its smaller siblings, the output voltage of this model can be regulated via a potentiometer on the device. The adjustable output voltage range is 10-15V. In addition, the 24/12-70 can be used to buffer charge your battery and connected in parallel with devices of the same construction to increase the output current.

Key features of the Orion 24/12-70 840W

  • 24V DC operating voltage, adjustable output voltage 10-15V
  • can be connected in parallel with similar devices to increase performance
  • can be used for trickle charging
  • remote controllable
  • temperature-controlled housing ventilation
  • wide input voltage range: 18V - 36V
  • 840W power at 70A continuous current
  • max. 70A output current
  • high efficiency of 92%
  • only 0.9 kg weight

DC-DC converters from the Orion family produce a clean 12V output voltage and compensate for any line losses as well as fluctuations in battery voltage.

Remote on/off connection on the high performance models (see table below)

The remote on/off connection eliminates the need for a high-current switch in the input wiring. The remote on/off connection can be controlled with a power saver switch or by the engine's run/stop switch (see manual).

Can be used as a battery charger thanks to the adjustable output voltage

For example to charge a 12 volt starter or additional battery in an otherwise 24 V system.

Can be connected in parallel to increase the output current

Up to five identical devices can be connected in parallel.

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1x Victron ORI241270020 Orion 24/12-70 DC DC converter 24V to 12V 70A 840W

data sheet

Article number 1-67-009400
Manufacturer part number ORI241270020
Product type 70A DC DC voltage converter. Converts 24V DC to 12V DC.
Manufacturer Victron Energy
EAN 8719076023043