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Victron Multiplus 24/500/10-16

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theMultiplus 24/500/10-16 from Victron Energy Is a version of the successful Multiplus series and delivers 430W continuous output at 230V and 50Hz. In addition to the sinus voltage converter, which converts the 24V DC voltage of your battery into a perfect 230V AC 50Hz Sinus voltage, the Multi 500 is also equipped with a 10A strong battery charger and a 16A transfer switch. This makes it very interesting for a variety of applications and that at a comparatively very low price.

Essential performance features
430W continuous output and 900W peak output, for 24V battery voltage
Device combination Sinus voltage converters, 16A transfer switch and 10A battery charger
delivers the purest 230V sinus voltage and a clean 50Hz frequency
Thanks to the transfer switch as a UPS solution for interruption -free power supply
Can be used for network -coupled self -consumption systems that only draw electricity from the network operator if the battery capacity is no longer sufficient or other programmable events have taken place
Programmable relay
Proven quality and reliability
offers solid protection against overload and overheating
versatile in mobile and inpatient applications
can also be used for highly sensitive electrical devices
Can be used in UPS solutions

Programmable relay 
The Multiplus 24/500/10 has a programmable multi -function relay that works as an alarm relay in the basic setting. However, this relay can be programmed for a variety of additional functions, such as a starting relay for a generator.

Control and remote activities
The configuration takes place directly on the Multiplus via a 3 position switch (DIP switch). the maximum charging current thickness of the alternating current input can be set. A Ve.Bus or other communication connections as with the Multiplus series have been dispensed with.

Lightning -fast, automatic 16A transfer switch
If the power supply is interrupted or when switching off the generator, Multiplus immediately switches to the inverter operation and thus supplies the connected consumers. This happens so quickly (less than 20 milliseconds) that the operation of computers or other electronic device continues to run without interference (uninterruptible power supply - UPS functionality).

Powerful, 4 step -to -be battery charger
Adaptive 4-stage loading characteristics: constant current-(“Bulk”) phase, constant voltage-(“absorption”) phase, charging conservation voltage-(“float”) phase, warehouse voltage-(“storage”) phase
The battery loading system controlled by microprocessors can be adapted to the different battery types. The charging process is adapted to an adaptive control of battery use.

More highlights The buried charger include: among other things:
Variable constant voltage time
2 DC outlets for charging the board and starter battery
Extension of the battery life through temperature compensation
Less battery age due to integrated warehouse mode
Less harmful gas formation by battery chon mode

Backup system: alternating current even in the event of a network failure
The Multiplus 500 can be used in non-network-coupled applications as well as in network-coupled PV systems as well as or alternative energy systems. Software is available for recognizing a network failure.