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Victron Multiplus 24/1600/40-16

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the Multiplus 24/1600/40-16 from Victron Energy Is a modern device combination consisting of a powerful 24V 1300W Sinus inverter, an advanced 40A battery loader that uses adaptive charging technology, and a 16A high-speed switch-voltage transfer switch.
In the event of a network error or, if the country current or on -board generator is interrupted, the inverter of the multis is automatically switched on and takes over the supply of the connected consumers. Switching happens so quickly (in less than 20 milliseconds) that an interruption -free operation of computers and other electronic devices is guaranteed.

most important features
-kont. Output power. at 25 ° C: 1300W / 1600W with non -linear load
-For 24V system voltage
-Aintegrated 40A network charger for your batteries
-Aintegrated 16A network transfer switch
-USV operation possible, power assist and PowerControl function
-Cle -rich accessories available
-can be used in numerous areas of application, whether on land or mobile
-proven reliability

The complete bridging with aRing transformeropology has proven itself for years. The inverter is short -circuit -resistant and protected against overheating (whether caused by overload or by the ambient temperature).

With the remote control panel Multi Control, the maximum network or generator current can be set. The Multiplus then takes into account other connected alternating current consumers and only uses the electricity for charging, which is still "left". This prevents the generator or land power connection from being overloaded.

Power assist 
Load tips often only occur for a limited period of time. In such a case, the Multiplus ensures that too weak land electricity or generator output is immediately compensated for by energy from the battery. The load is reduced, i.e. H. If consumers can be switched off, the energy that is then sufficiently existing again, used to load the batteries.

High switch -on performance
This is required to switch on loads with high insertion flows such as voltage formers for LED lamps, halogen lamps or power tools.

Search mode
If the search mode is up to 'on', the power consumption of the inverter during zero-load operation is reduced by approximately 70%. In this mode, the multi switches when it is operated in the inverter mode, at zero load or with only a low load and a sensor measures the current output current every 2 seconds. If the output current exceeds a set limit, the inverter resumes the operation. If this is not the case, the device continues to stay in energy-saving search mode.

Programmable multifunktios relay
In the basic setting, the multifunction relay acts as an alarm relay.