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Victron coupling socket 32A/230V (2p/3w) for built-in appliance plug

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The Victron Energy MP32-110 Removable Receptacle (MPN SHP303204000) is intended to be used with the MP32-10 panel mount connector. The cable size to be used depends on the current.


  • Connections: 2p + A
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Max current: 32A / 230V
  • Housing: PA 6
  • Connector pins / terminals: brass, nickel-plated
  • Recommended cable cross-section: 4mm²
  • Safety regulations and measures

    • The electrical installation must be switched off during installation
    • Install the shore power according to the installation instructions
    • Use cables with the appropriate cross-sections
    • Connections and safety precautions must be carried out in accordance with local regulations
    • installation instruction

      To attach the connector to the cable, do the following:

      1. Unscrew the connector and slide the housing onto the cable. The spout can be cut to size.
      2. Insulate the cable a. Make sure the cable ends are clean and not corroded. If necessary, trim the cable back until clean wire is visible. Do not solder the ends of the cables!
      3. Insert the cables into the correct color-coded terminal openings on the back of the inlet. Tighten the terminal screws to torque. Make sure there is no wire insulation under a clamp.
      4. Tighten the strain relief.
      5. Slide the housing over the connector. If necessary, apply a small amount of soap to the cable to make the plastic protector slide easily. Tighten the mounting screws securely.

      Scope of delivery:

      1x Victron coupling socket 32A (SHP303204000)