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Victron inverter RS ​​48/6000 230V Smart

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Of theInverter 48/6000 230V Smart Victron Energy is an advanced inverter. It offers a continuous output of 6000W and is designed for 48V battery voltage. Compared to the predecessor models, the Smart series has a Bluetooth module and a VE.Direct output for wireless remote monitoring and system configuration.
The inverter 48/6000 Smart is still characterized by its high switching performance and reliability and thanks to the integrated ECO mode, also plays in terms of self-consumption and efficiency in the top league of this device class.

Performance features 48/6000 Smart
For 48V battery voltage, output voltage 230 VAC ± 2%
Output power (not linear): 6000W, 5000W linear permanent load at 25 degrees ambient temperature
10000W top performance coping with high start -up flows
Integrated Bluetooth module and VE.Direct port for wireless surveillance and system integration
designed for high insert flows
Integrated alarm relay, eco mode
Monitoring of the input and output voltage, load and alarms etc. via bluetooth or
Integrated, two-pin connector to connect an on/off switch (remote control)

Via bluetooth or configurable parameters
Alarm low battery voltage
Threshold values ​​for switching off and restarting with low battery voltage values
Dynamic switching off: load-dependent switch-off threshold value
Output voltage: 230 VAC ± 2%, frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Threshold value for eco mode on/off and Eco mode sensor
Alarm relay

High reliability thanks to the ring transformeropology
The complete bridging with a ring transformer panel has proven itself for years. The inverters are short -circuit -resistant and protected against overheating (whether caused by overload or by the ambient temperature).

Very high switching performance
This is required to switch on loads such as voltage formers for LED lamps, halogen lamps or power tools.

Eco mode
In ECO mode, the inverter switches to standby as soon as the load drops under a preset value. In standby mode, the inverter then switches on every 2.5 seconds for a short period of time (can be regulated). If the load exceeds the preset threshold value, the inverter remains on.

Remote -controlled on/off circuit
A remote-controlled on/off switch or a relay contact can be connected to the two-pin connector. Alternatively, the connection H (left) of the two-pole connector can be switched to a battery plus pole or the connection l (right) of the two-pole plug to the battery minus pole (or for example to the body of a vehicle).