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Victron Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger 12/30 (1+1) 120-240 V

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The Phoenix Smart Charger 12/50(1+1) IP43 from Victron Energy is a powerful battery charger of the latest generation. The device is designed for 12V battery voltage and, in addition to the strong 50A main charging output, also offers an auxiliary charging output with 3A charging capacity for a starter battery.

With the integrated Bluetooth module, the Phoenix Smart Charger 12/50(1+1) IP43 fits into the ever-growing Smart family from Victron, which is perfectly networked and can also be controlled centrally in various ways leaves. In addition to the Bluetooth module, there is also a VE.Direct connection and a freely programmable relay. Optionally, the Smart Battery Sense can also be connected to control battery temperature compensation. The tried-and-tested five-stage charging algorithm and the option of programming your own charging algorithm make the Phoenix Smart Charger 12/50(1+1) IP43 a universal high-tech battery charger that can optimally charge almost any type of battery.

Perfect battery charger for boats and vehicles

Phoenix Smart battery chargers, which (1+1) are included in the model name, have a main charging output with full charging current and a 3A auxiliary charging output for charging starter batteries. These models are therefore particularly suitable for the mobile sector. The Phoenix Smart models with (3) in the model designation were specially developed with regard to the needs of the marine sector and offer three full power outputs for charging 3 battery banks.

Ready for Bluetooth Smart

Changing the settings and updating the charger when new software features become available can be done with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or other device.

Phoenix Smart (1+1): two outputs for charging two battery banks

The second output is intended for charging the starter battery. As a result, it is limited to 3 A and has a slightly lower output voltage for trickle charging of the starter battery, which is usually full.

Phoenix Smart (13): three full power outputs for charging 3 battery banks

Each output can supply the full rated output current. However, all 3 output currents together must not exceed the rated current of the charger.

Automatic voltage compensation

The charger compensates for a voltage drop on the DC cables by slightly increasing the output voltage when the DC current increases. See the manual for more details. Adaptive five-stage charging algorithm: constant current ("bulk") phase, constant voltage ("absorption") phase, recovery ("recondition") phase, charge maintenance ("float") phase, storage voltage ("storage") phase

The Phoenix Smart Charger features our well-known "adaptive" battery management system, which can be adjusted to the different battery types."Adaptive" means that the charging curve is automatically adapted to the type of battery use

The right amount of charge: variable constant voltage phase

If the battery discharge is low (e.g. a yacht connected to shore power), a short constant voltage phase is chosen to avoid overcharging. After a deep discharge, the constant voltage phase is automatically extended to ensure that the battery is fully charged.

Preventing damage from excessive gassing: The BatterySafe mode

In order to shorten the charging time, the highest possible charging current was selected together with a high constant voltage. However, to avoid excessive gassing towards the end of the constant current phase, the charger limits the rate of voltage rise after the gassing voltage has been reached.

Less maintenance and aging when the battery is at rest: the storage mode

Storage mode is activated whenever there is no discharge within 24 hours. In storage mode, the float charge voltage is then lowered to 2.2V/cell (13.2V for a 24V battery) to minimize gassing and corrosion on the positive plates. Once a week the voltage is increased to the gassing voltage level. This achieves a type of equalization charge that prevents electrolyte stratification and sulfation - the two main causes of premature battery failure.

Also charges lithium-ion (LiFePO4) batteries

On/Off control can be attached by connecting a relay or optocoupler open collector output from a Li-Ion BMS to the remote on/off port. Alternatively, voltage and current can also be fully controlled via Bluetooth.

Fully programmable charging algorithm

The charging algorithm can be programmed via Bluetooth or via the VE.Direct interface. The MODE button can be used to choose between three pre-programmed algorithms (see technical data).

Remote On/Off

The remote on/off consists of two terminals: remote H and remote L. A remote on/off switch or relay contact can be connected between H and L. Alternatively, terminal H can be pulled up, or terminal L can be pulled down.

See manual for details.

VE.Direct Interface

For a wired data connection with a color control panel, a PC or other devices. See the VictronConnect app under Downloads/Software on our website.

Programmable relay

Can be programmed via the VE.Direct interface or a Bluetooth enabled device to trigger an alarm or other events.


Input voltage:
230 VAC (range 210 – 250 V)

DC input voltage range:
290 – 355 VDC

45/-65 Hz

Power factor:

Return current draw:
AC disconnected: < 0.1 mA AC connected and remote charger off: < 6 mA

Power consumption without load:
1 W

12/30: 94% | 12/50: 92%

"Constant" charging voltage (absorption):
Normal: 14.4 V High: 14.7 V Lithium Ion: 14.2 V

'Float' charge voltage (float):
Normal: 13.8V High: 13.8V Lithium Ion: 13.5 V

Storage Mode:
Normal: 13.2V High: 13.2V Lithium Ion: 13.5V

Fully programmable:
Yes, with Bluetooth and/or VEDirect

House battery charging current:
30 / 50 A

Low current mode:
15 / 25 A

Starter battery charging current:
3 A (only 1+1 output models)

Charging algorithm:
Five-stage, adaptive

reverse polarity on battery (fuse, not accessible by user) / output short circuit / over temperature

Can be used as power supply:
Yes, output voltage can be adjusted with Bluetooth and/or VE.Direct.

Operating temperature range:
-20 to 60? (0 - 140 F) Rated output current up to 40°C, degrading linearly to 20% at 60°C

humidity (non-condensing):
max 95%

Relay (programmable):
DC current rating: 5A up to 28VDC


Material & colour:
Aluminium (blue RAL 5012)

Battery connection:
screw terminals 16 mm² (AWG6)

AC connection:
IEC 320 C14 input with bracket (AC cable with country-specific plug must be ordered separately.)

Protection class:
IP43 (electronic components), IP22 (connection area)

Weight kg (lbs):
3.5 kg

Dimensions (HxWxD):
180 x 249 x 100 mm (7.1 x 9.8 x 4.0 inches)


EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-29

EN 55014-1, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-3-2

Interference immunity:
EN 55014-2, EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-3- 3

Automotive Policy: