Victron Argodiode 80-2AC 80A 2 battery separator diode

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The Victron Argo 80-2AC battery isolator diode (MPN ARG080201000R) allows the charge distribution from one power source (e.g. alternator) to several battery circuits.

With the help of battery separator diodes, 2 or even three 3 separate battery circuits can be charged from just one power source. The batteries do not have to be connected to each other, which greatly simplifies the installation of these separator diodes and even saves installation costs.

technical characteristics of the Victron Argo 80-2AC battery isolator
  • The Argo series uses the latest Shottky diodes to keep voltage drop as low as possible
  • has a current-limiting connection for the start-up excitation of the generator (e.g. alternator, alternator)
  • The Argo 80-2AC model delivers a maximum charging current of 80A and can operate 2 separate batteries or battery banks
  • The maximum current of the alternator is also 80A. For example, the on-board battery can be loaded without the starter battery being discharged at the same time.

minimal voltage loss thanks to the latest Shottky diodes

The use of modern Shottky diodes also keeps the voltage loss small. At low currents it is approx. 0.3 V and at nominal current approx. 0.45 V. All models in the Victron Argo series are equipped with a compensating diode, with which the output voltage of the alternator is slightly increased in order to reduce the voltage loss caused by the Shottky balancing diodes. This is important because if the isolating diode is switched into the wiring between the alternator and the battery without any further action, a loss of voltage occurs, which leads to incomplete charging and premature aging of the battery.

current flow regulating alternator connection
Some types of generators require a DC voltage at the B+ pole for start-up excitation. On the one hand, there is a direct cable connection between the battery and the generator. On the other hand, the isolating diode prevents the current from flowing back, so that the generator does not start up. The Argo diode from model 80-2AC has a special connection for the start-up excitation when the generator is started and ensures a smooth flow of current between the generator and the battery.

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1x Victron ARG080201000R Argo 80-2AC battery isolator diode 80A for 2 batteries
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data sheet

item number 8-67-009230
Manufacturer part number ARG080201000R
product type Battery charging current distributor for systems with 2 batteries
Manufacturer VictronEnergy
EAN 8719076018988