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Victron VE.Can to CAN bus BMS type B cable 5m

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This Victron VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS cable (MPN ASS030720050) is required to connect a non-Victron CAN-bus capable battery to a Victron GX unit. The cable, with a length of 5m, corresponds to type B, which can be used for the following batteries:

  • LG ChemResu
  • AX storage
  • BMZ
  • Pylontech US2000 / US3000 / UP2500


The side labeled "CAN-Bus BMS" plugs into the battery. The other side labeled "VE.Can" must be connected to either the GX device's VE.Can port or the BMS Can port will. Both port types of a GX device can be configured to work with a 3rd party CAN bus battery connected to a BMS. For configuration information, refer to the manual for the battery you are using.

Scope of delivery:

1x Victron VE.Can to CAN bus BMS type B cable 5m (ASS030720050)