tigerexped solar panel 120Wp "black tiger 120", 1440x420mm

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Note: this panel can only be delivered by courier for EUR 99 (in Germany)!

Solar panel with 120 Wp and ultra-high 24.12% cell efficiency. 1440x420mm. Optimized for maximum energy yield in every situation.

  • Larger light spectrum than usual usable, for solar yield even at dusk
  • Improved temperature coefficient for less power loss in heat - for up to 25% more energy yield!
  • in special formats for the best roof surface exploitation
  • Highest reliability due to full-surface copper contact layer on the back
  • NEW: Now with three isolating diodes for even more power in partial shading
  • in an elegant, black anodized aluminum frame (matching, black mounting corners here: TEX4282 and TEX4282-6ER)
  • Variants from 100 to 180 Wp available - not too big for less susceptibility to vibration (= greater reliability!)

cells per module 3x11
cell technology Sunpower Maxeon Gen III
quality class Ultra Peak Performance
Power Tolerance +- 3%
Max. Power (Pmax) 120 Wp
MPP voltage (V mpp) 36.0V
MPP current (I mpp) 3.33A
Temperature coefficient power -0.29%/°C
open circuit voltage (Voc) 43.20V
short circuit current (Isc) 3.6A
Cell efficiency 24.12%
Operating temperature range -40 to +85 °C
Maximum system voltage 600VDC
Dimensions 420 x 1440 x 35 mm
weight 7.6 kg

Technical data specified at STC (standard test conditions) with an ambient temperature of 25 °C, 1000 W/m² irradiance and an AM factor of 1.5.

* ) 25% better temperature coefficient than conventional modules, resulting in less loss of performance when heated