SUNBEAMsystem Tough+ black 121W Flush

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Flexible and walkable solar modules from SUNBEAMsystem from Sweden

The Swedish solar specialist SUNBEAMsystem develops solar modules using the latest technology and with a wide range of application options (on board , on the caravan, etc.). All SUNBEAMsystem modules are extremely thin, flexible and walkable. Thanks to their outstanding energy yield, they are perfect for self-sufficient energy generation on the go.

The latest generation of particularly powerful and robust solar modules

SUNBEAMsystem Tough + is the very latest solar module technology. They impress with their outstanding performance per unit area and extreme durability:

  • Another +13% performance compared to Tough modules
  • Flush 2.0 cable (even flatter)
  • Walk on, non-slip surface
  • Easy Installation
  • 5 year guarantee

The outstanding power output is safely monitored by SUNBEAMsystems' partner Sunpower. The cells in a Tough+ panel have an impressive efficiency averaging 23.7% cell efficiency. This allows an approx. 13% higher performance of the Tough + modules compared to comparable modules or the Tough modules.

Tough + features materials specially developed by SUNBEAMsystem for the Tough series. This enables unprecedented longevity for light and thin solar panels. The anti-slip surface is not only practical and safe, but also has better light efficiency. The dirt-repellent properties help to keep the panel clean and ensure optimal, self-sufficient power generation.

All Tough + modules are equipped with the flat Flush 2.0 cable. This improved cable is 30% flatter, but still has 25% more copper cross-section than the Flush (standard) series. Tough+ is designed for screwless assembly. Together with the new, slim cable, this results in a thin surface, ideal for integrating the modules on any surface. All Tough+ models come with textured tape for quick installation on a curved surface. For a slow-curing alternative, we recommend using a soft, flexible adhesive. You can find the filler here.

Flexible panel, anti-slip coating that can be walked on, 5-year guarantee, tinned 1.5m cable

Technical data

Item description

Tough+ 121 W flush black

Article No



1060 x 540 mm


2.5 kg

Pmax - Max. power

121 W

Voc - Voltage open circuit

25.96 V

Lsc - short-circuit current

6.43 A

Vmp - Max. system voltage

20.16 V

Imp - Max Current

6.01 A

Ptol - power tolerance

+/- 3%

solar cells


Max sys voltage ( diode)

30V (80V)

cable length


High shadow tolerance




Note: When connecting in series, always pay attention to the maximum permissible system voltage of the solar panel