Pylontech mount / brackets for US2000C LifePo4 battery

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The Pylontech Brackets (MPN WJ0ZU2000B01) are used to vertically stack the US2000C Pylon Battery Modules.
With these stackable bracket mounts you can stack the Pylontech US2000C batteries vertically and thus ensure the best possible air circulation for the batteries. The batteries should not be stacked directly on top of each other without any clearance. Brackets stacked on top of each other can be connected and secured using a clamping device on the sides of the brackets. A maximum of 4 batteries can be stacked on top of each other in this way. One set consisting of two holders is required for each Pylontech battery.


  • Best possible air circulation
  • Connect and secure stacked brackets with clamps
  • Up to four batteries can be stacked
  • Set of two holders for one battery

Scope of delivery:

2x Pylontech brackets for US2000C