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Victron Phoenix Inverter C 24/1600

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The Victron Inverter Phoenix C24/1600 is the next evolutionary stage after the 12/180-1200 Phoenix series. Compared to this series, the devices in the compact class have a greatly expanded range of functions. A number of innovations have been added, especially in the field of communication, making the C24/1600 a future-proof investment. The continuous output of this device is 1300W. From a 12V battery, this device generates 230V AC for you with a pure sine wave and a clean 50Hz frequency. which also enables the operation of very sensitive electronic devices without compromise. When it comes to self-consumption and efficiency, the voltage converter scores with excellent values. As the icing on the cake, this device class is now also capable of parallel operation and three-phase operation with other Phoenix inverters of the same series.

VE.Bus RS-485 communication port - far-reaching, new possibilities
All Phoenix inverters in the Compact series have an RS-485 data port and can therefore be used with the optional VE Interface MK2-USB to connect to a computer / notebook, which opens up whole new possibilities in terms of configuration and monitoring.

Here are some of the most important options
needs-based programming of many parameters such as output voltage, frequency, the upper and lower voltage limits and much more
can be integrated into a computer-aided monitoring and control System integration
all Phoenix Compact converters can also be used on VENet, Victron Energy's innovative power monitoring network, or other computer-aided control and monitoring systems
simple programming of the integrated relay. The relay can be used, for example, to generate signals in special situations or to start a generator.
Parallel and three-phase operation with other Phoenix inverters possible

The development of the new Phoenix series was aimed uncompromisingly at an inverter with a clean sine wave output and high efficiency. By using the latest hybrid HF technology , Victron was able to develop a quality product with compact dimensions and low weight that can easily deliver any desired power. The SinusMax technology, which also has its place in this series, enables particularly high peak currents of 3000W when switching on devices!

further technical features of the Phoenix C24/1600
1300W continuous power, suitable for all common 24V batteries
real sine wave delivers a precise 50Hz frequency
much higher peak power possible thanks to integrated Sinus-Max technology from Victron
converts 24V DC into 230V AC with a pure sine wave
advanced hybrid HF technology installed which is significantly more powerful and less susceptible to interference than conventional high-frequency technology
very low self-consumption and high efficiency
integrated energy saving mode
with 2-pin alarm contact which can be used as an output for an on/off remote control
very high starting power thanks to SinusMax technology

Sinus-Max technology
An essential feature of the SinusMax technology is the particularly high starting performance. This is not possible with conventional HF technology. Phoenix inverters are able to cope with the high starting currents, e.g. from cooling compressors, tool motors and the like. Virtually unlimited power through parallel connection and three-phase operation Up to six inverter units can be connected in parallel to increase performance. A three-phase operation is also possible.

Load switchover to other AC sources: The automatic load switch
For smaller outputs, we recommend the Filax automatic switch Computer and other sensitive electronic devices can continue to be operated practically without interruption, since the switching times are very are short (less than 20 m/sec).