Offgridtec PCB-ETFE 200W 39V semi-flexible solar panel

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The PCB-ETFE 200W 39V from Offgridtec (MPN 3-01-010845) belongs to the latest generation of semi-flexible solar panels. The PCB-ETFE class sets completely new standards in the area of ​​stability and reliability through the composition of the highest quality materials. While the front is based on Teflon Derivative (PTFE), the back is made of fiberglass (PCB). In addition, the module works with modern 5-busbar technology. These and other quality features make Offgridtec's PCB-ETFE 200W a universally applicable top-class product that feels just as comfortable on boats as it does on vehicle roofs or other surfaces and combines stability, maximum reliability and performance like no other.

Thanks to its high operating voltage of over 39V, it is ideal for 24V systems or 12V systems (12V only in connection with MPPT charge controllers that can process a corresponding maximum module voltage). The PCB-ETFE 200W 39V solar cell is flexible and, compared to normal flexible solar cells with full-surface bonding, can also be walked on without hesitation.

Features of PCB-ETFE 200W 39V Solar Panel

200W rated power, high efficiency and 5-busbar technology
equipped with monocrystalline A-grade solar cells
Cell efficiency of over 22%
Higher heat tolerance compared to TPT modules thanks to the PCB backsheet, making it less prone to blistering due to poor bonding
walkable and, even when wet, more non-slip than comparable solar modules on the market
semi-flexible - bendable up to a maximum of 18 degrees (on the long side)
easy installation of the solar panel by gluing or using the eyelets
Fully suitable for salt water, universally applicable
ETFE High-Tec plastic ensures weight savings and at the same time high light transmission of max. 96%
Junction box with high degree of protection IP67
easy installation thanks to pre-assembled solar cable with MC4 plug and socket
proven Offgridtec quality: made exclusively from premium raw materials of the highest quality

ETFE High-Tec plastic on the front

The front of the solar panel is covered with a high-tech plastic layer based on ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer ETFE - a Teflon derivative (PTFE) - and offers excellent protection against harmful environmental influences and is also suitable for use in salt water. ETFE is lighter and at the same time more translucent than other plastic solutions on the market.

Extremely stable fiberglass (PCB) backing board

The fiberglass (PCB) back makes the module much more stable than conventional panels with a TPT back. This structure offers you the following advantages:

prevents blistering that can occur with TPT modules due to improper bonding
tolerates higher temperatures compared to the TPT construction
reduces the risk of cell breakage caused by the user accidentally over-bending the panel

Technical characteristics PCB-ETFE 200W 39V solar panel

Working Voltage (Vmp): 39.6V
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 46.61V
Max Current (Imp): 5.05A
Short Circuit Current (Isc): 5.45A
Max. system voltage: 200 V
Dimensions: 1560 x 680 x 3mm
Weight: 6.2 kg
Part number: 3-01-010845
Areas of application for the Offgridtec PCB-ETFE series

unrestricted use in the marine sector
Ideally suited for mounting on mobile homes, buses and other vehicles
for installation on rounded sheet metal roofs
recommended for all systems that require maximum reliability and performance
ideal for hanging up tents when camping, thanks to the PCB carrier layer, the eyelets also withstand very high mechanical loads
About the PCB-ETFE series

This product is the result of accumulated experience from thousands of installations in every conceivable application. Already 5 years ago we were able to successfully establish our first series of flexible solar cells on the market and since then we have continuously developed and optimized our modules. With the PCB-ETFE series, you benefit from this unique expertise and can look forward to a durable product that will reliably produce electricity for many years to come.

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Offgridtec 3-01-010845 PCB-ETFE 200W 39V semi-flexible solar panel