Offgridtec FSP-2 135W Ultra KIT MPPT 15A foldable solar panel

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The FSP-2 135W ULTRA MPPT KIT 12V is a combination of the foldable 135W FSP-2 solar module and a smart MPPT controller of the latest generation. The FSP-2 135W is one of the newest models in the family and at the same time one of the most powerful foldable solar panels currently available. It has a 3-sided structure and is supplied with a suitable connection kit with which you can quickly and easily establish a connection to the charge controller and the battery to be charged.

When it comes to charging technology, we rely on the high-quality Victron Smart-Solar 75/15 charge controller for the FSP-2 135W KIT MPPT. A high-quality device that can be conveniently controlled via Bluetooth and a free APP and is also equipped with a 15A load output for DC consumers. The connection kit is housed in a closable bag directly on the module. So you always have a small power plant at your side that can be used immediately.

Performance that sets standards

The FSP-2 135W Ultra is equipped with American SPR back contact cells from a well-known manufacturer. The cells look completely black, which also gives the FSP-2 135W a very modern, high-quality look. The SPR cells ensure that the panel is highly efficient and, in combination with the low weight and compact dimensions of the FSP-2 panel, set new standards in this performance class.

Wide range of uses:

  • Excellent for use in the camping area
  • Or on expeditions, climbing tours and much more
  • For vehicles and boats without permanent solar installation
  • And numerous other applications in a wide variety of areas
  • Technical highlights FSP-2 135W solar panel

    • Rated power: 135Wp, number of sides: 3 x 45 Wp
    • Dimensions closed: 560 x 440 x 20 mm; laid out open: 560 x 1545 x 6 mm
    • Weight module: 4.8 kg
    • equipped with high-end solar cells
    • Module voltage (Vmp): 19.8V - Max. charging current (Imp): 6.82A
    • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 23.3V - Short Circuit Current (Isc): 7.22A
    • ETFE coating
    • SunPower high-performance cells
    • 6.0m 5mm² connecting cable from the FSP-2 to the solar charge controller with Anderson connector on the solar side
    • 0.5m 5mm² connecting cable Anderson plug to ferrule (for fixed screw connection to the charge controller)
    • 1m battery connection cable solar charge controller to battery with pre-installed alligator clips on the battery side
    • Short-circuit-proof connection to the battery thanks to the integrated flat fuse holder with 15A ATO fuse
    • Including Victron SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 charge controller

      The Smartsolar 75/15 from Victron Energy (MPN SCC075015060R) is a MPPT solar charge controller with 15A max. charging current for charging 12V and 24V batteries. In contrast to the BlueSolar 75/15, the Smart version has integrated Bluetooth, making the purchase of a Bluetooth dongle unnecessary. In addition, a VE.Direct connection is still available for communication with other Victron devices such as the Color Control GX or the MPPT Control.

      The integrated Bluetooth in the SmartSolar series is the wireless solution for setup, monitoring and updating the controller using Apple and Android smartphones, tablets or other devices.

      An overview of the most important technical properties of the charge controller

      • 15A load output
      • high peak efficiency of 98%
      • freely programmable battery charging algorithm (via the free Victron Connect APP)
      • Light dimming functions programmable (via the free Victron Connect APP)
      • Ultra fast maximum power point tracking
      • max PV open circuit voltage: 75V
      • Charging algorithm: multi-stage, adaptive
      • built-in Bluetooth module
      • Dimensions: 100 x 113 x 40 mm
      • Weight: 0.5 kg
      • The supplied professional connection kit

        The connection kit included in the scope of delivery offers everything that is required for quick commissioning of the mobile solar set. Each FSP-2 has a 6.0m connection cable, which is fitted with a high-quality Anderson connector at the end. A second 0.5m connection cable is supplied that is screwed directly to the solar input of the charge controller and is also equipped with an Anderson plug on the other side. This allows you to quickly connect or disconnect the controller at any time via the Anderson connectors without having to unscrew the cables from the charge controller.

        A 1 meter plug & play connection cable is also included for connecting the charge controller to your battery. This is screwed to the battery input of the controller and is equipped with universal alligator clips on the battery side, which can be easily and compatible connected to all standard battery terminals. The battery cable also has a flat fuse holder with the appropriate ATO fuse.

        Customizable on request

        All FSP-2 Ultra Panels can be modified and delivered according to your specifications within a very short time. We can flexibly adjust and adapt both the cables and the integrated charge controller to your needs. Just ask us! We are looking forward to your message. Any costs incurred can be requested from customer service.

        About the FSP-2 series

        As with all Offgridtec solar module series, great importance was attached to high quality and durability with the FSP series. The FSP-2 135W Ultra works with rear-contact solar cells as they are also used in our SP high-performance series. These cells generate efficiencies of over 22% and are the best currently available on the market. In addition, the entire FSP-2 series is provided with an ETFE coating, which provides better protection and at the same time ensures a very high level of light transmission. In addition, we produce our solar modules in accordance with current norms and standards, which, together with the high-quality materials, makes our modules high-end products that deliver top technical performance even under the most adverse conditions.

        Scope of delivery:

        1x Offgridtec FSP-2 135W 12V, 3-01-010755

        1x Victron Energy SCC075015060R SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 15A 12V 24V Solar Charge Controller

        1x Offgridtec FSP-2 Connection Kit

        data sheet


        generator power wp

        135 wp

        Short circuit current (ISC)


        module voltage (VMP)




        open circuit voltage (VOC)


        Solar module - connector type

        Anderson connector

        Solar module - cable length


        Solar panel - cell type

        SPR monocrystalline high-performance cells (original Sunpower)

        system voltage


        Manufacturer part number



        2 years


        +/- 3%


        max 100%, non-condensing



        Cell efficiency



        5.2 kg

        Ambient temperature

        -20°C - +50°C

        Temperature coefficient 1

        -0.45% / °C

        max. Current (IMP)