Offgridtec® SPR-150 150W 44V high-end solar panel

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Monocrystalline 150W high-performance solar panel with high-power solar cells from Sunpower contacted on the back. This is where the world's best solar cells and the new back-contact process come together. The result is a high-end product at a solid price. Suitable for 12V and 24V systems (12V only in connection with a suitable MPPT charge controller).

Important properties

  • Module efficiency of over 24%
  • Monocrystalline high-power solar cells
  • back contact
  • Black aluminum frame (black frame)
  • Extremely resilient
  • 44V module voltage
  • Integrated bypass diodes
  • Ideal for mobile homes, boats/yachts and small areas
  • Noble look
  • Lightweight

In the production of our modules, only monocrystalline SunPower solar cells of the highest quality are processed. In contrast to conventional solar modules, the cells are connected to each other on the back (back contact), which increases the cell efficiency and ensures a noble look.

The module has a black aluminum frame and has a specially hardened ESG solar glass.

The connection cables are 80 cm long and fitted with MC4 connectors.

Technical data

Power(Pmax): 150W

Voltage(Vmp): 44V

Max. Current(Imp): 3.41A

Open voltage(Voc): 51.79V

Short circuit current(Isc): 3.69A

Max. System voltage: 600 V/DC

Cell efficiency: >24%

Ambient temp.: -40...+85°C

Dimensions: 1320 x 550 x 35 mm

Weight: 9.37 kg

data sheet

generator power wp

150 Wp

Solar module - cable length

0.8 m

Solar module - connector type


Solar module - format bores

9 x 1

system voltage

12V / 24V

Solar module - connection box (K max.)

n. v.

Max. System voltage

600 V/DC

Cell efficiency


module voltage (VMP)

44 V

max.Current (IMP)


open circuit voltage (VOC)

51.79 V

short circuit current (ISC)

3.69 A

Solar module - size of connection cable

4 - 6 mm

Solar module - number of cable inputs

n v.

cell type


Ambient temperature

-40°C - +85°C




+/- 3%


5 years

Product type 1

solar module

Solar module - terminal standard

n. v.

Solar module - cell type

SPR monocrystalline

Solar panel - installed diodes

2x IOSQO50 bypass diode

Solar module - frame thickness


Solar module - junction box (ABM)

100 x 77.5 x 25mm

Solar module - connection box (IP)


Solar module - terminal connection

n v.


1320 x 550 x 35 mm