Offgridtec® MobileBlack 310W mobile home solar system 30A MPPT OLP PERC solar module

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The Offgridtec® MobileBlack series impresses with an attractive optical design in elegant black and with its extremely convincing performance parameters. Starting with the OLP solar modules in the most modern clapboard design and an outstanding cell efficiency of over 21%, up to the Offgridtec® MPPT Pro dual charge controller, one can really speak of a successful selection and product composition from Offgridtec.

310W MobileBlack Caravan complete system

This complete system contains everything you need to charge your batteries on the go. The dual controller included in the set not only allows you to charge your on-board battery, but also to charge the starter battery at the same time, as it has a corresponding secondary charging output. The scope of delivery includes extensive information material in which the assembly and connection are explained step by step - this applies to the technical connection as well as the bonding of the retaining spoiler and the roof duct. This roof duct is probably one of the most critical points, as this is where the transition to the interior of the mobile home takes place. The lead-through is made of the same material as the spoiler - the PEG screw connection corresponds to protection class IP68 and is therefore absolutely waterproof when installed correctly.

Scope of delivery of the MobileBlack 310W caravan solar system

  • 2x Offgridtec® OLP solar module 155W 12W PERC with shingle technology
  • 1x Offgridtec ABS cable bushing 1-way - black with waterproof PEG screw connection
  • 2x Offgridtec 68cm ABS mounting profiles (1 pair) - for attaching the solar modules in black
  • 1x Offgridtec 8m 2x6mm H07RNF - connection cable solar module to solar charge controller in caravan version
  • 1x Offgridtec 1.5m 2x6mm 30A battery connection cable - connection cable solar charge controller to battery with battery terminals and M8 cable lug connection
  • 1x Offgridtec® 30A MPPT dual solar charge controller with secondary charging and AES switching output
  • 1x remote display for MPPT Pro Duo charge controller
  • 1x Dekalin adhesive set with Dekasyl MS-5 polymer adhesive, Dekavator adhesion promoter, cleaning cloth and operating instructions
  • 1x pair of MC4 branch sockets for the parallel connection of the two solar modules
  • 2x MC-4 extension cable 50cm for connecting a connection cable on the module to the module connection cable

Note: shipping bulky goods

The Offgridtec® MPPT Pro Duo 30A solar charge controller

The MPPT Pro duo controller can handle a maximum charging current of 30A. In addition, the device has an auxiliary charging output via which the starter battery can be charged in parallel with the on-board battery if the device is not used for a longer period of time - a feature which is certainly very much appreciated in mobile homes. So that one can really talk about the optimum in terms of efficiency, the device also has an AES switching output - this enables refrigerators with "AES" to automatically switch from gas to 12V operation if there is excess solar power.

  • maximum charging current 30A
  • 30A load output for 12V consumers directly on the charge controller
  • The clear remote display enables the controller to be installed in hard-to-reach places in the vehicle without restricting operation and overview of the system parameters
  • AES control signal for car refrigerator to avoid wasting energy
  • 100V maximum PV input voltage
  • Digital circuit control of adaptive three-stage charge mode to improve battery life
  • Max power-point tracking technology with ultra-fast tracking speed and a guaranteed tracking efficiency of at least 99.5%
  • Dimensions: 24.7cm x 16.5cm x 6.9cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 1.4KG
  • Own consumption: 26mA at 12V
  • Active temperature compensation for optimal charging and ensuring a long battery life
  • Support for all major battery types (lead acid, AGM, GEL, LiFePo4)
  • Max efficiency: 98%
  • Controllable via Bluetooth (separate dongle item no. 8-01-011271 required) - ONLY FOR ANDROID DEVICES

The 155W OLP solar module with the latest shingle technology

The 155W OLP solar module with PERC technology used in the system impresses on the one hand with its unique module design with an overlapping wafer arrangement (overlapping design), as well as with the high module efficiency, which this module uses for applications makes vehicles particularly interesting because of the limited space available.

  • module voltage (Vmp): 21.8V
  • Max. Current (Imp): 7.11A
  • Open circuit voltage (Voc): 25.7V
  • Short circuit current (Isc): 7.54A
  • Cell efficiency: 21.24%
  • Ambient temperature: -40°C - +85°C
  • Temperature coefficient power: -0.43%/°C
  • Temperature coefficient voltage: -0.34%/°C
  • Temperature coefficient current: -0.05%/°C
  • Weight: 9.37KG
  • Dimensions: 1310mm x 650mm x 35mm
  • Protection class junction box: IP68 (waterproof)
  • Length of the pre-assembled connection cable: 55cm
  • pre-assembled connectors: MC4 compatible connectors
  • Number of cells: 168 (8x21)

The professional solar mounting system

Spoile profiles are the first choice, especially for caravans and motorhomes, when it comes to a clean attachment of the solar modules. If you mount the modules in the direction of travel, wind noise is no longer an issue (this also applies to alcove vehicles). Thanks to the closed design of the spoiler, no branches or the like can get caught under the solar modules.
Dimensions spoiler: L x W x H: 55cm x 8.9cm (of which approx. 3cm contact surface module per spoiler) x 6.5cm.

The bonding

A correctly executed bond is superior to any screw connection in tough motor home or boat use. A strength of more than 4 N/mm2 can be achieved on painted or GRP surfaces. This would be a value calculated on the adhesive surface that would never be achievable with a screw connection in the thin aluminum or GRP carrier layer.This adhesive set enables even a layperson to create an absolutely secure connection between spoilers and the respective surface

The Dekalin adhesive set contains all the components that are necessary so that even the do-it-yourself installer can create a professional connection. Stainless steel screws for attaching the solar modules are included, as are detailed gluing instructions. In addition, you only need a commercially available hand lever press for cartridges and a lint-free cloth.

The ABS mounting profiles

Cable ducts from the roof to the interior are always quite tricky, because it has to be ensured that everything is absolutely tight even after years and stays tight.

Because even the smallest ingress of water can often lead to irreparable damage to the interior insulation and furnishings. Especially since the moisture is often not noticed until it is quite late. For this reason, the roof ducts were developed: The housings are made of the same UV and weather-resistant material as the mounting brackets offered in the online shop. They are extremely stable and absolutely sure-footed. The wide adhesive edge ensures an optimal seal. The bushings are glued with the adhesive set that you also use to glue the solar mounting brackets. The housings can also be painted as desired and thus adapted to the surface on which they are to be attached

The professional cabling set

All necessary cables are delivered plug & play and are already pre-crimped with specialist tools. So you don't need to buy any special pliers for the MC-4 connectors.

Individual system adaptation possible on request

We strive to implement every request of our customers in the best possible way. With the individual requirements of a solar system, this is of course not always 100% possible. Therefore, if you wish to make adjustments to one of our systems, simply send us an email and let us know which system your inquiry relates to, what change you would like (e.g. additional module, color spoiler, adhesive or bushing, other charge controller etc.) and you will receive a corresponding offer from our sales team as soon as possible.

Scope of delivery:

1x Offgridtec 4-01-012878 Offgridtec® MobileBlack 310W 12V MPPT caravan solar system

data sheet

Article number 4-01-012878
Delivery time 2-5 days
Manufacturer part number 012878
Availability date 02.04.2021
Product type Caravan solar complete set 12V 230V
manufacturer Offgridtec
System voltage 12V DC
Generator power (Wp) 155 Wp
Voltage (V) 12V
Solar module manufacturer Offgridtec
Included accessories 1 x roof duct, 1.5m battery cable (battery to charge controller), 2 x 50cm MC-4 connection cable, 8m connection cable (solar module to charge controller), roof spoiler 55cm
Charge controller included Offgridtec MPPT Dual 30A solar charge controller
supported battery types Acid, Gel, AGM, LiFePO4
max current (Imp) 5.35A
average daily yield 1240Wh (expandable)
module voltage (Vmp) 18.7V
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 22.1V
Short-circuit current (Isc) 5.67A
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1310x650x35mm
weight 33kg
EAN 4250983259988